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Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1909-50"D-Cards"n/a$90 GALLERY OF SETS
1925D321$1,400 Drake's Cake
1921D481$80 Invisible Color Pictures
1951D290-1var.$110 Bread Labels
1958D3019$34 Bond Bread Bisons
1947D30213$350 Bond Bread Robinson
1914D30351$420 General Baking Co.
1911-14D30425$900 General Baking Co.
1947D30544$14 Bond Bread
1911D31072$390 Pacific Coast Biscuit
1911D31172$600 Pacific Coast Biscuit
1946-50D317var.$24 Remar Bread
1910D32225$350 Tip Top Bread
1947D323163$28 Tip Top Bread
1920D32780+$140 Holsum Bread
1917D328200$150 Weil Baking Co.
1916D329200$80 Weil Baking Co.
1916-21D350var.$55 Standard Biscuit (3 sets)
1930?D35110$350 Grennan Baking
1916D352200$250 Morehouse Baking
1909D35550?$500 Niagara Baking
1952D357-164$50 Mother's Cookies
1953D357-263$50 Mother's Cookies
1950D35836$80 Drake's TV Series
1911D35918$2,200 Williams Baking
1909-10D380var.$2,000 Clement Bros. Bread
1916D381103$500 Fleischmann Bakery
1934D38236+$1,900 Tarzan Bread
1921D38352$45 Koester Bread
1921--22+$1,500 Tip-Top Bread (Baltimore)
1922--?$100 Gassler's Bread
1927--44+$690 Middy Bread Die-Cuts
1938--46$440 Sawyer Biscuit
1950--23?$90 Sawyer Biscuit Indians

* Estimated Value is for card of common player; VG condition.

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