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Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1900-61"T-Cards"n/a$0 GALLERY OF SETS
1910-11T3100$600 Turkey Reds
1911T430+$4,000 Obak Cabinets
1911T5~500$700 Pinkerton Cabinets
1909-10T62$430 College Series Cabinets
1909-10T518$60 Murad College Series
1910T1001$900 Silhouettes
1913T20016$600 Fatima Team Cards
1911T20150$90 Mecca Double Folders
1912T202132$150 Hassan Triple Folders
1900T20325$80 Mayo's Baseball Comics
1909T204121$460 Ramly
1911T205208$80 Gold Borders
1909-11T206514$80 White Borders
1912T207200$100 Brown Backgrounds
1911T20818$6,000 Cullivan's Fireside Phila. A's
1910T209var.$350 Contentnea (2 sets)
1910T210var.$100 Old Mill (Red Borders; 8 sets)
1910T21175$300 Red Sun (Green Borders)
1909-11T212var.$1,130 Obak (3 sets)
1910-19T213var.$160 Coupon Cigarettes (3 sets)
1915T21455?$3,500 Victory Tobacco
1910-13T215var.$850 Red Cross Tobacco (2 sets)
1911-14T21673$530 Peoples Tobacco
1910-11T21725$2,600 Mono Cigarettes
1914T22252$500 Fatima Player Cards
1912T2274$900 Series of Champions
1922T2312$14,000 Fans Cigarettes
1914T330-2118$80 Piedmont Art Stamps
1911T332180$40 Helmar Stamps
1909--12$1,000 Derby Cigars NY Giants
1910--49$1,300 Plow Boy Tobacco
1910--3$30,000 Tuxedo Tobacco Ad Panels
1932--24$60 Worch Cigar (Millers)
1933-34--146$50 Worch Cigar (MLB)
1933-35--118+$60 Worch Cigar (AA)
1948--2$1,600 Old Gold Jackie Robinson
1961--1$100 Phillies Cigar Mantle

* Estimated Value is for card of common player; VG condition.

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