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Exhibits (W461 - W465)
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1900-61"Exhibits"n/a$0 GALLERY OF SETS
1921W46164$32 Exhibits 1921 (Set 1)
1922W46174$34 Exhibits 1922 (Set 2)
1923-24W46158$100 Exhibits 1923-24 (Set 3)
1925W461128$60 Exhibits 1925 (Set 4)
1926W461128$60 Exhibits 1926 (Set 5)
1927W46164$40 Exhibits (green; Set 6)
1928W46164$34 Exhibits (blue) 1928 (Set 7)
1928W46532$170 PCL Exhibits (blue) (Set 62)
1929-30W463-132$46 Exhibits (4-on-1; Set 8)
1931-32W463-232$50 Exhibits (4-on-1; Set 9)
1933W463-316$44 Exhibits (4-on-1; Set 10)
1934W463-416$34 Exhibits (4-on-1; Set 11)
1935W463-516$40 Exhibits (4-on-1; Set 12)
1936W463-616$60 Exhibits (4-on-1; Set 13)
1937W463-716$36 Exhibits (4-on-1; Set 14)
1938W463-816$44 Exhibits (4-on-1; Set 15)
1939-46W46283$6 Exhibits Salutations
1947-66W461336$4 Exhibits
1948W46433$8 Exhibits (HOF Series)
1962W46132$6 Exhibits (stats back-black)
1963W46164$6 Exhibits (stats back-red)
1925W4691$1,399 Exhibits Sports Champions
1922--20$44 East. Ex. Sup. Co. (PC back)
1925-31--72$54 Exhibits (PC back; Set 81-83)
1929--1$500 Exhibit "Star Picture Stamps"
1931-32--1$1,150 Babe Ruth Exhibit
1953--64$12 "Canadian" Exhibits
1961--24$30 Wrigley Field Exhibits
Strip Cards
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1900-61"W-Cards"n/a$0 GALLERY OF SETS
1922W501120$22 W501
1928W50260$24 W502 "Game Backs"
1922W50364$70 W503
1925W50468$36 Universal Toy & Novelty
1924W5114$380 W511 (Ruth)
1925-27W51210$30 W512
1928W51326$30 W513
1920-21W514120$34 W514
1923W51560$30 W515-1 & W515-2
1920-21W51630$40 W516 (5 sets)
1931W51754$30 W517 Strip Cards
1920W519var.$24 W519 (3 sets)
1920W52020$20 W520
1921W52120$22 W521
1920W52220$22 W522
1912-14W530100+$110 Pinkerton Scorecards
1920sW54210$28 Sports Drawings
1921W55110$22 W551
1919W55212?$5 Baseball Position Drawings
1929W55310$110 W553
1930W55418$48 W554
1909W55568+$110 W555
1927W56049$118 W560
1928W5654$30 W565
1923W572121$24 W572
1922W573240$32 W573
1933W57429$28 W574
1922W575var.$16 W575 (2 sets)
1950-56W57682$4 Callahan HOF Set
1925-31W59041$24 W590 Strip Cards
1902-11W600680+$900 Sporting Life Cabinets
1902-11W601var.$180 Sporting Life Composits
1947W602108$28 Sports Exchange Miniatures
1946-49W603113$22 Sports Exchange All-Stars
1931W62612$70 Sun Pictures Photo Kits
1921W931610$36 W9316
1910--26$100 Colorized Portraits
1915--28$380 1915 W-unc "Strip Cards"
1912--8$750 Uncataloged Strip Set
1920-21--20$300 Big Head Strip Cards
1920?--6?$60 IFS "Blue and Orange"
1920s--11$200 "Shoulderless Players"
1920s?--10$180 Tinted Strip Cards
1921--12+$150 Self-Develop Strip Cards
1929--8+$74 Red Background Game Cards
1935-37--17+?$80 Red Frame "Managers" Set
1920s--?$140 Playing Card Theme
1951--40$10 Berk Ross ('51)
1952--72$20 Berk Ross ('52)
Team Issues
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1931-59W709var.$20 Chicago Cubs Team Issues
1938-40W711var.$20 Reds Team Issues
1931W75430$50 Metropolitan Studios
1941W75430$24 St. Louis Cards Team Issues

* Estimated Value is for card of common player; VG condition.

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