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1920   D327   Holsum Bread
Player Checklist

Card # Description Type

(1)Jimmy Austin?
(2)Grover Alexander?
(3)Dave Bancroft?
(4)Jack Barry?
(5)Ping Bodie?
(6)George Burns?
(7)Geo. S. Burns?
(8)Max Carey1
(9)Ray Chapman1
(10)Eddie Cicotte1
(11)*Ty Cobb (with bat)1
(12)*Ty Cobb (throwing)2
(13)Eddie Collins?
(14)Harry Coveleskie?
(15)Geo. Cutshaw?
(16)George Dauss2
(17)Charles Deal (Chicago Cubs)1
(18)Charles Deal (Chicago Nationals)2
(19)Williams (Bill) Doak?
(20)Johnny Evers?
(21)Urban Faber?
(22)*"Hap" Felsch1
(23)Art Fletcher?
(24)Eddie Foster2
(25)Jacques Fournier?
(26)Hank Gowdy?
(27)John Graney2
(28)Tom Griffith?
(29)W. L. Gardner?
(30)John Henry?
(31)Buck Herzog1
(32)Harry Hooper?
(33)Rogers Hornsby1
(34)Joe Jackson1
(35)Walter Johnson1
(36)James Johnston?
(37)Joe Judge?
(38)P. J. Kilduff?
(39)Wm. Killefer1
(40)John Lavan?
(41)H. B. Leonard1
(42)Duffy Lewis2
(43)John McGraw?
(44)Al Mamaux2
(45)"Rabbit" Maranville?
(46)Clyde Milan?
(47)Otto Miller?
(48)Ray Morgan2
(49)Guy Morton?
(50)"Hy" Myers?
(51)Arthur Nehf1 & 2
(52)Steve O'Neill1
(53)Roger Peckinpaugh?
(54)Jeff Pfeffer2
(55)Bill Rariden?
(56)"Bob" Roth1
(57)Davey Robertson?
(58)Edd Roush?
(59)*Babe Ruth2
(60)Sam Sallee2
(61)Walter Schang?
(62)Everett Scott?
(63)Hank Severeid1
(64)Ernie Shore1
(65)Geo. Sisler2
(66)J. Carlisle Smith2
(67)Tris Speaker?
(68)Charles Stengel?
(69)Milton Stock?
(70)Amos Strunk (batting)2
(71)Amos Strunk (standing)1
(72)Chester Thomas?
(73)Fred Toney2
(74)Jim Vaughn?
(75)Bob Veach?
(76)W. Wambsganss?
(77)Carl Weilman?
(78)Zack Wheat1 & 2
(79)George Whitted2
(80)Claud Williams1
(81)Ivy Wingo?
(82)Pep Young?

1) The Holsum Bread checklist remains very fluid and has expanded by several dozen players in the past few years. In addition, only recently have collectors tracked cards by the two distinct sub-series (with Type 1 and Type 2 backs). Please let us known if you can add any new players (or identify the back Type of players already in the checklilst) and we will update the checklist accordingly.

2) Asterisks (*) indicate the most recent additions to the Holsum Bread checklist (January 2014).

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