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1938   Sawyer Biscuit "Cabinets"
Player Checklist

Card # Description

(1)Jim Asbell
(2)Clay Bryant
(3)Tex Carlton
(4)Phil Cavaretta
(5)Rip Collins
(6)Jerome "Dizzy" Dean
(7)Frank Demaree
(8)Al Epperly
(9)Larry French
(10)Augie Galan
(11)Bob Garbark
(12)Charlie Grimm
(13)Stan Hack
(14)Gabby Hartnett
(15)Billy Herman
(16)Roy Johnson
(17)Bill Jurges
(18)Tony Lazzeri
(19)Bill Lee
(20)Bob Logan
(21)Joe Marty
(22)Ken O'Dea
(23)Carl Reynolds
(24)Charlie Root
(25)Jack Russell
White Sox
(1)Luke Appling
(2)Boze Berger
(3)Clint Brown
(4)Frog Dietrich
(5)Jimmie Dykes
(6)Frank Gabler
(7)Jackie Hayes
(8)Jack Knott
(9)Mike Kreevich
(10)Joe Kuhel
(11)Thornton Lee
(12)Ted Lyons
(13)Marv Owen
(14)Tony Rensa
(15)Dunc Rigney
(16)Larry Rosenthal
(17)Norm Schlueter
(18)Luke Sewell
(19)Hank Steinbacher
(20)Monty Stratton
(21)Gee Gee Walker
(22)Porkchops (John) Whitehead
(1)Bob Elson (Sportscaster)
(2)Delores "Babs" Gillen (Broadcaster)

1) Player names are as shown on cards.
2) The Sawyer Biscuit cards are not numbered. For reference purposes, the cards are grouped here by team then sequenced by player last name.

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