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1933   E285   Rittenhouse Candy
Player Checklist

Card Player Card Rank & Suit

(1)Dick Bartell4 of Spades
(2)Walter Berger7 of Clubs
(3)Max BishopKing of Spades
(4)James BottomleyJack of Spades
(5)Fred Brickell4 of Diamonds
(6)Sugar Cain7 of Diamonds
(7)Ed. Cihocki8 of Spades
(8)Phil CollinsKing of Diamonds
(9)Roger CramerAce of Clubs
(10)Hughie Critz6 of Clubs
(11)Joe Cronin7 of Hearts
(12)Hazen (Kiki) Cuyler5 of Clubs
(13)Geo. Davis5 of Diamonds
(14)Spud Davis9 of Hearts
(15)Jimmy Dykes5 of Hearts
(16)George Earnshaw3 of Hearts
(17)Jumbo ElliotJack of Clubs
(18)Lou Finney8 of Hearts
(19)Jimmy Foxx10 of Spades
(20)*Frankie Frisch3 of Spades
(21)*Frankie Frisch7 of Spades
(22)Robert (Lefty) Grove8 of Diamonds
(23)Mule HaasAce of Hearts
(24)Chick Hafey2 of Diamonds
(25)Chas. Leo HartnettKing of Hearts
(26)Babe HermanAce of Diamonds
(27)Wm. Herman2 of Spades
(28)Kid HigginsJack of Hearts
(29)Rogers Hornsby6 of Hearts
(30)*Don HurstJack of Diamonds
(31)*Don Hurst6 of Spades
(32)Chuck Klein3 of Diamonds
(33)Leroy Mahaffey4 of Hearts
(34)Gus Mancuso2 of Hearts
(35)Rabbit McNairQueen of Hearts
(36)Bing Miller2 of Clubs
(37)Frank (Lefty) O'Doul3 of Clubs
(38)Mel Ott4 of Clubs
(39)*Babe RuthAce of Spades
(40)*Babe RuthKing of Clubs
(41)Al Simmons9 of Diamonds
(42)Bill Terry10 of Diamonds
(43)Pie Traynor10 of Clubs
(44)Rube Wallberg (Walberg)Queen of Spades
(45)*Lloyd Waner10 of Hearts
(46)*Lloyd WanerQueen of Diamonds
(47)*Paul Warner (Waner)5 of Spades
(48)*Paul Warner (Waner)6 of Diamonds
(49)Pinkey WhitneyQueen of Clubs
(50)Dib Williams8 of Clubs
(51)*Hack Wilson9 of Spades
(52)*Hack Wilson9 of Clubs

Note: the asterisks (*) indicate the six players that are each represented on two different cards each. There are therefore a total of only 46 players found in the 52-card "deck."

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