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1912   C46   Imperial Tobacco
Player Checklist

# Player Team Player's Major League Teams (comments)

(1)*William O'HaraTorontoGiants, Cardinals
(2)*James McGinleyTorontoCardinals
(3)*"Frenchy" LeClaireMontrealRebels, Blues, Terrapins (all Fed. League teams in 1914-15)
(4)*John WhiteBuffaloBeaneaters (Jack White; played 1 game with Beaneaters in 1904)
(5)*James MurrayBuffaloOrphans, Browns, Braves
(6)*Joe WardRochesterPhillies, Highlanders
(7)*Whitey AlpermanRochesterSuperbas
(8)Natty NattressMontreal- (better known as Billy)
(9)Fred SlineProvidence- (actually William Sline, longtime minor league pitcher)
(10)Royal RockProvidence-
(11)*Ray DemmittMontrealHighlanders, Browns, Tigers, White Sox, Browns
(12)*Butch SchmidtBaltimoreHighlanders, Braves
(13)*Sam FrockBaltimoreDoves (Rustlers), Pirates
(14)*Fred BurchellMontrealPhillies, Americans (Red Sox)
(15)*Jack KelleyNewarkCardinals (John B. Kelly)
(16)*Frank BarberichProvidenceDoves, Red Sox
(17)*Frank CorridonBuffaloCubs, Phillies, Cardinals
(18)*Doc AdkinsBaltimoreAmericans (Red Sox), Highlanders
(19)*Jack DunnBaltimoreBridegrooms (Superbas), Phillies, Orioles, Giants
(20)*James WalshBaltimoreAthletics, Yankees, Red Sox
(21)*Charles HandfordMontrealBlues, Whales
(22)*Dick RudolphTorontoGiants, Braves
(23)Curt ElstonProvidence-
(24)*Carl SittonMontrealNaps
(25)*Charlie FrenchMontrealRed Sox, White Sox
(26)*John GanzelRochesterPirates, Orphans, Giants, Highlanders, Reds
(27)*Joe KelleyTorontoBeaneaters, Pirates, Orioles, Superbas, Reds, Doves
(28)Benny MeyersToronto-
(29)George SchirmBuffalo-
(30)*William PurtellMontrealWhite Sox, Red Sox, Tigers
(31)*Bayard SharpeBuffaloBeaneathers (Doves), Pirates
(32)*Tony SmithTorontoSenators, Superbas (Dodgers)
(33)*John LushTorontoPhillies, Cardinals
(34)*William CollinsNewarkDoves (Rustlers), Cubs, Superbas, Buffeds
(35)John PhelanProvidence-
(36)*Edward PhelpsTorontoPirates, Reds, Cardinals, Giants
(37)*Rube VickersBaltimoreReds, Superbas, Athletics
(38)*Cy SeymourBaltimoreGiants, Orioles, Reds, Braves
(39)*Shadow CarrollMontrealHighlanders
(40)*Jake GettmanBaltimoreSenators
(41)*Luther TaylorMontrealGiants, Bronchos
(42)*Walter JustisJersey CityTigers
(43)*Robert FisherNewarkDodgers, Cubs, Reds, Cardinals
(44)*Fred ParentBaltimorePerfectos, Americans, White Sox
(45)*James DygertBaltimoreAthletics
(46)*Johnnie ButlerJersey CityBrewers, Cardinals, Superbas
(47)*Fred MitchellBuffaloAmericans, Athletics, Phillies, Superbas
(48)*Heinie BatchRochesterSuperbas
(49)*Michael CorcoranBaltimoreReds
(50)*Edward DoescherJersey CityCubs, Superbas, Reds (Jack Doscher)
(51)*George H. WheelerJersey CityReds
(52)*Elijah JonesJersey CityTigers
(53)*Frank TruesdaleBuffaloBrowns
(54)*Fred BeebeBuffaloCubs, Cardinals, Reds, Phillies, Indians
(55)*Louis BrockettBuffaloHighlanders
(56)Robert G. WellsJersey City-
(57)*Lew McAllisterBuffaloSpiders, Tigers, Orioles
(58)*Ralph StroudBuffaloTigers, Giants
(59)Vernon ManserRochester-
(60)*James S. HolmesRochesterAthletics, Superbas
(61)*Rube DessauRochesterDoves, Superbas
(62)*Fred JacklitschRochesterPhillies, Superbas, Highlanders, Terrapins, Braves
(63)Stanley GrahamRochester-
(64)Noah HenlineBaltimore-
(65)*Chick GandilMontrealWhite Sox, Senators, Indians
(66)*Tom HughesRochesterHighlanders, Braves
(67)*Joseph DelehantyTorontoCardinals
(68)*George PierceProvidenceCubs, Cardinals (George Pearce)
(69)Bob GauntBaltimore- (career minor league pitcher)
(70)*Edward FitzpatrickTorontoBraves
(71)*Wyatt LeeNewarkSenators, Pirates
(72)*Rube KissingerJersey CityTigers (Charles "Rube" Kisinger)
(73)*William MalarkeyBuffaloGiants
(74)*William ByersBaltimoreCardinals
(75)*George SimmonsRochesterTigers, Highlanders, Terrapins
(76)*Daniel MoellerRochesterPirates, Senators, Indians
(77)*Joseph McGinnityNewarkOrioles, Superbas, Giants
(78)*Jack HardyMontrealNaps, Cubs, Senators
(79)Bob HolmesNewark-
(80)William BaxterBuffalo-
(81)*Chester SpencerRochesterBeaneaters
(82)*Bradley KocherTorontoTigers, Giants
(83)*Al ShawTorontoCardinals, Tip-Tops (Fed. Lg.), Packers (Fed. Lg.)
(84)*Joseph YeagerMontrealBridegrooms (Superbas), Tigers, Highlanders, Browns
(85)Tony CarloNewark- (Anthony Carlo; from Mexico; never a major leaguer)
(86)*William AbsteinJersey CityPirates, Browns
(87)*Tim JordanTorontoSenators, Highlanders, Superbas
(88)Dick BreenJersey City-
(89)*Lew McCartyNewarkSuperbas (Robins), Giants, Cardinals
(90)*Harry CurtisMontrealGiants

1)Bold Type indicates players that were later inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame.
2)Asterisks (*) after the card number indicate the 74 players (representing more than 80 percent of the players in the set) that played for Major League teams at some point in their careers. The Major League teams on which they played are also listed. Players are still being identified (and re-identified based on new input from readers). As a result, the subset of players with Major League experience is subject to change. The above list represents a "best guess" of player identification based on data available as of December 2007).

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