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1887   N184   W. S. Kimball
Gallery of Cards (Complete 50-card Set)

(1) All Around Ath-
lete of the World

(2) Base Ball

(3) Base Ball

(4) Base Ball

(5) Base Ball

(6) Bicycle Rider

(7) Billiardist

(8) Boy Boxer
of America

(9) Boy Club Swinger

(10) Bronco Rider

(11) Cannon Ball Catcher

(12) Checker Player

(13) Colored Jockey

(14) Deep Sea Swimmer

(15) Driver of Trotting Horses

(16) Fancy Skater

(17) Female Boxer of World

(18) Female Glass Ball Shot

(19) Giant Pugilist

(20) Girl Rider

(21) Graeco Roman Wrestler

(22) Handball Player

(23) Heavy Weight Pugilist of England

(24) Heavy Weight Pugilist of the World

(25) Heal and Toe Pedestrian

(26) High Jumper

(27) Jockey of America

(28) Jockey of England

(29) Jumper of World

(30) Juvenile Roller Skater

(31) Lady Rifle Shot of World

(32) Light Weight Pugilist of the World

(33) Light Weight Wrestler

(34) Live Pigeon Shot

(35) Long Distance Rider

(36) Middle Weight Pugilist of the World

(37) Oarsman of the World

(38) Pedestrian of England

(39) Pool Player

(40) Runner of World

(41) Sculler of America

(42) Shot Putter of World

(43) Six Days
Roller Skater

(44) Skater of World

(45) Sprinter

(46) Swimmer of California

(47) Swiss Wrestler

(48) Tight Rope Walker

(49) Water Queen

(50) Wing Shot of Canada

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