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1936-38   BF3 Type 5   Mini Pennants


2Elephant, w/tusks, facing left
3Elephant, no tusks, bar at spine
4Bat; bar at spine
5Crossed Bats with ball
1Bee inside a circle
2Bee with 2 large wings; bar at spine
4Bee to left of "B"; Bar at spine
5Bat at spine; ball at tip
6Bee embedded in "B"
1Player Running
2"BRO" Reversed inside Large Ball
3Bat in spine of "B"; Balls in loops
4Small ball to left of the "B"
1Cardinal inside "C" frontal view
2Cardinal inside "C" bar at spine
3Four birds reversed out of "C"
4Cardinal on top of flattened "C"
5Bat, bar at the spine
1Cub batting ball
2Large cub head; looking right; bar at spine
3Cub sitting inside "C"
4Small bear cub to the left of "Cubs"
5Cub on all fours, bar at the spine
7Bat and ball
8Cub standing with bat; left of "C"
1Fielder; glove in "D"
2Ball; bar at spine
3Ball and bat; bar at spine
4Bat at spine; ball at tip
5Trolly car
6Ball, bat and cap
1Fielder at a base
2Tall pitcher; bar at spine
3Large "G" with sliding player
4Large capital "G"; no sliding player
5Crossed bats; glove in the center
6Balplayer's head, bar at spine
7Bat, ball and glove over "G"
1Indian profile, nine feathers
2Indian with three feathers
3Indian profile; full headdress
1Liberty bell behind name
2Liberty bell behind "P"
3Ball and bat over small field
4Pitcher throwing behind "Phillies"
5Small diamond; bar at spine
1Knife in teeth; profile facing left
2Peg-legged pirate with sword
3Skull and crossed bones
4Small head facing right, mustache; no knife
5Pirate; knife in teeth; facing right
6Skull over crossed bats and ball
7Pirate's head over crossed bones
2Man with stein
3Ball with vertical stitches; bar at spine
4Ball with horizontal stitches; bar at spine
5Large ball with dotted line stitches
6Pitcher inside circle; bar at spine
Red Sox
1Two figures: batter and catcher
3Crossed bats in diamond
4Ball and bat; bar at spine
5Bat; bar at spine
6Bat & Ball at spine
1Bat; bar at spine
2"S" to right of capital dome
3Man with top hat
4Ball, bat & glove in "S"
5"S" over capital dome
1Bat and ball
2Tiger head; frontal view
3Prowling tiger; full body
4Tiger's head in circle facing right
5Cap; bar at spine
6Tiger's head frontal; bar at spine
White Sox
1Profile of head looking right
2Batter reversed out of large "W"
3Catcher standing
4Batter to left of "W"; straight letters
11936-37 Yankees
2Bat and ball; two vertical bars
3Bat; bar at spine
4Batter, bar at spine
5Fielder catching ball
6Head; frontal view

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