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1908   Brush Auto Postcards
Checklist of Players

# Player Years w/Tigers Two-line Verse on Card

(1)Ty Cobb1905-26Ty Cobb's the man who kills the ball,
He won a pennant for us last fall.
(2)Bill Coughlin1904-08Bill Coughlin is a captain brave,
He makes the Tiger cubs behave.
(3)Bill Donovan1903-12Bill Donovan's smile is good to see,
When he goes in we've a victory.
(4)Hughie Jennings
1907-20 (mgr.)"Wee-A-AH" Jennings we all know well,
The Tigers play when he starts to yell.
(5)Hughie Jennings
1907-20 (mgr.)Here's Hughey Jennings, who never quits,
He gives a cheer when a Tiger hits.
(6)Matty McIntyre1904-10Here's Matty McIntyre, fielder great,
He nails the runner at the plate.
(7)George Mullin1902-13George Mullin's a pitcher with lots of nerve,
A strong right arm and a dandy curve.
(8)Charlie Schmidt1906-11When Charlie Schmidt's behind the bat,
Attempts to steal all tumble flat.
(9)Schaefer & O'Leary1905-09 & 1904-12These are the twins that never grow weary,
We all like Schaefer and Charlie O'Leary.
(10)Ira Thomas1908Here's Ira Thomas, you know his face,
He throws 'em out at second base.

Note: Bold Type indicates players now in the Baseball Hall of Fame

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