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1907   PC775   Grignon Chicago Cubs
Card Checklist

Card # Player Caption

(1)Mordecai BrownAlways There at the Finish
(2)Frank ChanceGet together boys, Get together
(3)John EversI Get Them Coming and Going
(4)Arthur HofmanOne of My Easy Stunts
(5)John KlingThey come high, but we must have them
(6)Carl LundgrenMy, but it's warm
(7)Pat MoranGood Eye, Good Eye
(8)Orvie OverallI guess that's going some
(9)Jack PfeisterI've got my eye on you, all right, all right
(10)Ed ReulbachAlways keep the other fellow guessing
(11)Frank SchulteAfter them all the time
(12)James SheckardNothing under the sun gets away from me
(13)James SlagleLet Him Hit It, I'm Here
(14)Harry SteinfeldtHe Eats 'Em Alive
(15)Jack TaylorThis is a Cinch
(16)Joe TinkerI am covering some territory now days

Note: The parentheses around the card numbers indicate that the cards themselves are unnumbered; cards are sequenced in alphabetical order of player last name.

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