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1934   R310   Butterfinger
Player Checklist

#  (see
note 2)
Player Same Pose as
1933 Goudey
(Card #)
Same Pose as
1934 Goudey
(Card #)

(1) Earl Averill--
(2)adRichard Bartell--
(3) Larry Benton--
(4)adWalter Berger--
(5) Jim Bottomly (Bottomley)--
(6)adRalph Boyle--
(7)adTex Carleton--
(8) Owen T. Carroll--
(9)adBen Chapman--
(10) Gordon (Mickey) Cochrane--
(11)adJames Collins-51
(12) Joe Cronin--
(13) Alvin Crowder--
(14) "Dizzy" Dean2236
(15)adPaul Derringer--
(16) William Dickey--
(17) Leo Durocher--
(18)adGeorge Earnshaw--
(19) Richard Ferrell--
(20) Lew Fonseca--
(21) Jimmy Foxx (see note 1)--
(22)adBenny Frey--
(23)adFrankie Frisch--
(24)adLou Gehrig--
(25) Chas. Gehringer--
(26) Vernon Gomez--
(27)adRay Grabowski--
(28) Robert (Lefty) Grove--
(29) George (Mule) Haas--
(30) "Chick" Hafey--
(31) Stanley Harris--
(32) J. Francis Hogan--
(33) Ed Holley--
(34) Rogers Hornsby--
(35) Waite Hoyt--
(36) Walter Johnson--
(37) Jim Jordan--
(38) Joe Kuhel--
(39) Hal Lee--
(40) Gus Mancuso237-
(41) Henry Manush--
(42) Fred Marberry--
(43) Pepper Martin--
(44) Oscar Melillo-45
(45)adJohnny Moore--
(46) Joe Morrissey--
(47) Joe Mowrey--
(48)adBob O'Farrell--
(49)adMelvin Ott207-
(50) Monte Pearson--
(51) Carl Reynolds--
(52) Charles Ruffing--
(53) Babe Ruth--
(54) John "Blondy" Ryan--
(55) Al Simmons--
(56)adAl Spohrer--
(57) Gus Suhr--
(58)adSteve Swetonic--
(59) Dazzy Vance--
(60) Joe Vosmik--
(61) Lloyd Waner--
(62) Paul Waner--
(63) Sam West--
(64) Earl Whitehill--
(65) Jimmy Wilson--

Bold Type indicates players now in baseball Hall of Fame.

1) Foxx card has signature variations as both "Foxx" and "Fox."

2) At least seventeen of the Butterfinger premiums (identified above) were printed on heavy cardboard with an "ad" label printed in red at the top. More players with the "ad" overprint were likely produced.

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