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1938   R326   Big League Baseball Movies
Player Checklist

Card # Player Movie Content

1-1John Irving Burns (Part 1)Poles Two Bagger
1-2John Irving Burns (Part 2)       "
2-1Joe Vosmick (Part 1)Triples
2-2Joe Vosmick (Part 2)       "
3-1Mel Ott (Part 1Puts It Over The Fence
3-2Mel Ott (Part 2)       "
4a-1Joe DiMaggio (Part 1)Socks a Sizzling Long Drive
4a-2Joe DiMaggio (Part 2)       "
4b-1*Joe DiMaggio (Part 1; picture is Vince)       "
4b-2*Joe DiMaggio (Part 2; picture is Vince)       "
5-1Wally Moses (Part 1)Leans Against a Fast Ball
5-2Wally Moses (Part 2)       "
6-1Van Lingle Mungo (Part 1)Tosses Fire Ball
6-2Van Lingle Mungo (Part 2)       "
7-1Luke Appling (Part 1)Gets Set for Double Play
7-2Luke Appling (Part 2)       "
8-1Bob Feller (Part 1)Puts His Hop on a Fast One
8-2Bob Feller (Part 2)       "
9-1Paul Derringer (Part 1)Demonstrates Sharp Curve
9-2Paul Derringer (Part 2)       "
10-1Paul Waner (Part 1)Slams Triple, Big Poison
10-2Paul Waner (Part 2)       "
11-1Joe Medwick (Part 1)Bats Hard Grounder
11-2Joe Medwick (Part 2)       "
12-1James Emory Foxx (Part 1)Smacks a Homer
12-2James Emory Foxx (Part 2)       "
13-1Wally Berger (Part 1)Puts One in the Bleachers
13-2Wally Berger (Part 2)       "

*These booklets are labeled Joe DiMaggio and contain the same flip movies as 4a-1 and
  4a-2. However, they display the image of Vince DiMaggio on the front.

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