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1932   R328   U. S. Caramel
Player Checklist

Card # Description

1Edward T. (Eddie) Collins
2Paul (Big Poison) Waner
3--Robert T. (Bobby) Jones (golf)
4William (Bill) Terry
5Earl B. Combs (Earle)
6William (Bill) Dickey
7Joseph (Joe) Cronin
8Charles (Chick) Hafey
9--Gene Sarazen (golf)
10Walter (Rabbit) Maranville
11Rogers (Rajah) Hornsby
12Gordon (Mickey) Cochrane
13Lloyd (Little Poison) Waner
14Tyrus (Ty) Cobb
15--Eugene (Gene) Tunney (boxing)
16*Charles (Lindy) Lindstrom
17Al Simmons
18Anthony (Tony) Lazzeri
19Walter (Wally) Berger
20Charles (Large Charlie) Ruffing
21Charles (Chuck) Klein
22--John (Jack) Dempsey (boxing)
23James (Jimmy) Foxx
24Frank J. (Lefty) O'Doul
25--Jack (Sailor Jack) Sharkey (boxing)
26Henry (Lou) Gehrig
27Robert (Lefty) Grove
28Edward Brant (Brandt)
29George Earnshaw
30Frank (Frankie) Frisch
31Vernon (Lefty) Gomez
32George (Babe) Ruth

*Only two cards are known for Lindstrom

1) Names are as printed on the card fronts.
2) Five of the above numbered cards are for either golfers or boxers. They are noted accordingly and are included here for set numbering continuity. However, they are not included in the set count of baseball players.

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