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1921   W461   Exhibits
Player Checklist

Card Player Position Team

(1)Chas. B. AdamsPitcherPittsburg, N.L.
(2)Grover C. AlexanderPitcherChicago, N.L.
(3)David BancroftInfielderNew York, N.L.
(4)Geo. J. BurnsOutfielderNew York, N.L.
(5)Owen BushInfielderDetroit, Am.L.
(6)Max G. CareyOutfielderPittsburg, N.L.
(7)Ty R. CobbOutfielderDetroit, Am.L.
(8)Eddie T. CollinsInfielderChicago, Am.L.
(9)John CollinsOutfielderBoston, Am.L.
(10)Stanley Coveleskie (Coveleski)PitcherCleveland, Am.L.
(11)Walton E. CruiseOutfielderBoston, N.L.
(12)Jacob E. DaubertInfielderCincinnati, N.L.
(13)George DaussPitcherDetroit, Am.L.
(14)Charles A. DealInfielderChicago, N.L.
(15)Joe A. DuganInfielderPhiladelphia, Am.L.
(16)James DykesInfielderPhiladelphia, Am.L.
(17)U. C. "Red" FaberPitcherChicago, Am.L.
(18)J. F. FournierInfielderSt. Louis, N.L.
(19)Frank F. FrischInfielderNew York, N.L.
(20)W. L. GardnerInfielderCleveland, Am.L.
(21)H. M. "Hank" GowdyCatcherBoston, N.L.
(22)Burleigh A. GrimesPitcherBrooklyn, N.L.
(23)Heinie GrohInfielderCincinnati, N.L.
(24)Jesse HainesPitcherSt. Louis, N.L.
(25)Sam Harris (Stanley)InfielderWashington, Am.L.
(26)Walter L. HolkeInfielderBoston, N.L.
(27)Charles J. HollicherInfielderChicago, N.L.
(28)Rogers HornsbyInfielderSt. Louis, N.L.
(29)James H. JohnsonFielderBrooklyn, N.L.
(30)Walter P. JohnsonPitcherWashington, Am.L.
(31)Sam P. JonesPitcherBoston, Am.L.
(32)Geo. L. KellyInfielderNew York, N.L.
(33)Dick KerrPitcherChicago, Am.L.
(34)William L. KilliferCatcherChicago, N.L.
(35)Ed KonetchyInfielderPhiladelphia, N.L.
(36)John "Doc" LavanInfielderSt. Louis, N.L.
(37)Walter J. MaranvilleInfielderPittsburg, N.L.
(38)Carl W. MaysPitcherNew York, Am.L.
(39)J. "Stuffy" McInnisInfielderBoston, Am.L.
(40)Rollie C. NailorPitcherPhiladelphia, Am.L.
(41)A. Earl NealeOutfielderCincinatti, N.L.
(42)Ivan M. OlsonInfielderBrooklyn, N.L.
(43)S. F. "Steve" O'NeilCatcherCleveland, Am.L
(44)Roger PeckinpaughInfielderNew York, Am.L.
(45)Ralph "Cy" PerkinsCatcherPhiladelphia, Am.L.
(46)Raymond R. PowellOutfielderBoston, N.L.
(47)Joe "Goldie" RappInfielderPhiladelphia, N.L.
(48)Edgar S. (Sam) RiceOutfielderWashington, Am.L.
(49)Jimmy RingPitcherPhiladelphia, N.L.
(50)Geo. H. "Babe" RuthOutfielderNew York, Am.L.
(51)Ray W. SchalkCatcherChicago, Am.L.
(52)Walter SchangCatcherNew York, Am.L.
(53)Everett ScottInfielderBoston, Am.L.
(54)H. S. ShanksInfielderWashington, Am.L.
(55)Urban ShockerPitcherSt. Louis, Am.L.
(56)Geo. H. SislerInfielderSt. Louis, Am.L.
(57)Tris SpeakerManagerCleveland, Am.L.
(58)John TobinOutfielderSt. Louis, Am.L.
(59)Robt. VeachOutfielderDetroit, Am.L.
(60)Zack D. WheatOutfielderBrooklyn, N.L.
(61)Geo. B. WhittedInfielderPittsburg, N.L.
(62)Cy WilliamsOutfielderPhiladelphia, N.L.
(63)Kenneth R. WilliamsOutfielderSt. Louis, Am.L.
(64)Ivy B. WingoCatcherCincinnati, N.L.

Note: Player names, positions and teams are as shown on cards.

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