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1923-24   Exhibits
Player Checklist

Card Player Position Team

(1)Clyde BarnhartOutfielderPittsburgh N.L.
(2)Ray Blades-St. Louis N.L.
(3)James Bottomley-St. Louis N.L.
(4)George Burns-Cleveland A.L.
(5)Dan Clark-Boston A.L.
(6)Bill DoakPitcherBrooklyn N.L.
(7)Joe Dugan-New York A.L.
(8)Howard EhmkePitcherBoston, A.L.
(9)Ira Flagsteade-Boston A.L.
(10)J. F. FournierInfieldBrooklyn N.L.
(11)Howard Freigan3rd BaseSt. Louis N.L.
(12)C. E. GallowayInfielderPhiladelphia A.L.
(13)Joe GenewichPitcherBoston N.L.
(14)Mike GonzalesCuban CatcherSt. Louis N.L.
(15)H. M. "Hank" Gowdy-Pittsburgh N.L.
(16)Charles Grimm-Pittsburgh N.L
(17)Heinie GrohInfielderNew York N.L.
(18)Chas. L. Harnett (Hartnett)CatcherChicago N.L.
(19)George Harper-Philadelphia N.L.
(20)Slim Harris-- Philadelphia A.L.
(21)Clifton HeathcoteOutfieldChicago A.L.
(22)Andy HighInfieldBrooklyn N.L.
(23)Walter Holke1st BasePhiladelphia N.L.
(24)Charles D. JamiesonOutfieldCleveland A.L.
(25)Tony KaufmanPitcherChicago N.L.
(26)Willie Kamm3rd BaseChicago A.L.
(27)Dudley Lee-Boston A.L.
(28)Harry Liebold-Washington A.L.
(29)Adolfo Luque-Cincinnati N.L.
(30)W. C. (Wid) Matthews(not shown)Washington A.L.
(31)John McGrawManagerNew York N.L.
(32)J. "Stuffy" McInnis-Boston N.L.
(33)Johnny Morrison-Pittsburgh N.L.
(34)John A. Mostil-Chicago A.L.
(35)J. F. O'Neill-Boston A.L.
(36)Ernest Padgett-Boston N.L.
(37)Val Picinich-Boston A.L.
(38)Bill Piercy-Boston A.L.
(39)Herman Pillette-Detroit A.L.
(40)Wallie Pipp-New York A.L.
(41)Raymond R. Powell-Boston N.L.
(42)Del Pratt-Detroit A.L.
(43)E. E. Rigney-Detroit A.L.
(44)Eddie Rommel-Philadelphia A.L.
(45)Muddy Ruel-Washington A.L.
(46)Geo. H. "Babe" Ruth-New York A.L
(47)J. H. Sand-Philadelphia N.L.
(48)Henry Severeid-St. Louis A.L.
(49)Joseph Sewell-Cleveland A.L.
(50)Al Simmons-Philadelphia A.L.
(51)R. E. Smith-Boston N.L.
(52)Sherrod Smith-Cleveland A.L.
(53)Casey Stengel-Boston N.L.
(54)J. R. Stevenson-Cleveland A.L.
(55)James Tierney-Boston N.L.
(56)Robt. Veach-Boston A.L.
(57)L. Wodall-Detroit A.L.
(58)Russell G. Wrightstone-Philadelphia N.L.

Note: Player names, positions and teams are as shown on cards.

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