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1928   W461   Exhibits
Player Checklist

Card # Description

(1)Grover C. Alexander
(2)David Bancroft
(3)Virgil Barnes
(4)Francis R. Blades
(5)L. A. Blue
(6)Edward W. Brown
(7)Max G. Carey
(8)Chalmer W. Cissell
(9)Gordon S. Cochrane
(10)Pat Collins
(11)Hugh M. Critz
(12)Howard Ehmke
(13)E. English
(14)Bib Falk (Bibb)
(15)Ira Flagstead
(16)Robert Fothergill
(17)Frank Frisch
(18)Lou Gehrig
(19)Leon Goslin
(20)Eugene Hargrave
(21)Charles R. Hargraves (Hargreaves)
(22)Stanley Harris
(23)Bryan "Slim" Harriss
(24)Leo Hartnett
(25)Joseph Hauser
(26)Fred Hoffman (Hofmann)
(27)J. Francis Hogan
(28)Rogers Hornsby
(29)Chas. Jamieson
(30)Sam Jones
(31)Ray Kremer
(32)Fred Leach
(33)Fredrick Lindstrom (Frederick)
(34)Adolph Luque (Adolfo)
(35)Theodore Lyons
(36)Harry McCurdy
(37)Glenn Myatt
(38)John Ogden (photo actually Warren Ogden)
(39)James Ring
(40)A. C. Root (C. H.)
(41)Edd. Roush
(42)Harold Ruel (Herold)
(43)Geo. H. "Babe" Ruth
(44)Henry Sand
(45)Fred Schulte
(46)Joseph Sewell
(47)Walter Shang (Schang)
(48)Urban J. Shocker
(49)Al. Simmons
(50)Earl Smith
(51)Robert Smith
(52)Jack Tavener
(53)J. Taylor
(54)Philip Todt
(55)Geo. Uhle
(56)Arthur "Dazzy" Vance
(57)Paul Waner
(58)Earl G. Whitehill (middle initial actually O.)
(59)Fred Williams
(60)James Wilson
(61)L. R. (Hack) Wilson
(62)Lawrence Woodall
(63)Glen Wright (Glenn)
(64)William A. Zitzman (Zitzmann)

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