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1931-32   W463-2   "Four-on-One" Exhibits
Gallery of Cards

American League
Boston (Red Sox) Chicago (White Sox)

(1) Berry, Rothrock,
Reeves, Rbt., Reeves, R.R.

(2) Webb, Rhyne,
Sweeney, MacFayden

(3) Appling, Lyons,
Cissell, Kamm

(4) Jolley, Blue,
Reynolds, Tate
Cleveland (Indians) Detroit (Tigers)

(5) Fonseca, Falk,
Sewell, Averill

(6) Hunnefield, Goldman,
Morgan, Ferrell

(7) Alexander, McManus,
Uhle, Gehringer

(8) Schang, Funk,
Koenig, Hoyt
New York (Yankees) Philadelphia (Athletics)

(9) Dickey, Lazzeri,
Pennock, Coombs

(10) Lary, Ruth,
Reese, Gehrig

(11) Boley, Dykes,
Miller, Simmons

(12) Foxx, Cochrane,
Grove, Haas
St. Louis (Browns) Washington (Senators)

(13) Melillo, Rourke,
Goslin, Schulte

(14) Stewart, Farell,
Gray, Kress

(15) Bluege, Judge,
Rice, Myer

(16) Spencer, Manush,
Cronin, Marberry
National League
Boston (Braves) Brooklyn (Dodgers)

(17) Maranville, Zachary,
Spohrer, Moore

(18) Richbourg, Maguire,
Sheely, Berger

(19) Flowers, Vance,
O'Doul, Thompson

(20) Herman, Wright,
Quinn, Bisonette
Chicago (Cubs) Cincinnati (Reds)

(21) Hartnett, Stevenson,
Wilson, Hornsby

(22) Root, Cuyler,
English, Grimm

(23) Durocher, Walker,
Heilmann, Cullop

(24) Roettger, Gooch,
Lucas, Ford
New York (Giants) Philadelphia (Phillies)

(25) Hogan, Jackson,
Critz, Lindstrom

(26) O'Farrell, Ott,
Terry, Fitzsimmons

(27) Klein, Whitney,
Benge, Arlett

(28) McCurdy, Friberg,
Bartell, Hurst
Pittsburgh (Pirates) St. Louis (Cardinals)

(29) Comorosky, Suhr, Traynor, Thevenow

(30) Waner, Grantham, Kremer, Waner

(31) Adams, Wilson, Frisch, Bottomley

(32) Hallahan, Hafey, Douthit, Gilbert

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