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1929 Red Background Game Cards
Player Checklist

# Player Rank and Suit Team
Actual Team
(Years Played)

(1)Earl Averill3 of SpadesN.Y. GiantsCleveland (1929-38)
(2)Larry Benton? of ClubsN.Y. GiantsGiants (27-30)
(3)Jim Elliot? of SpadesBrklynBrooklyn (1925-30)
(4)Lou Gehrig5 of Hearts-Yankees (1923-39)
(5)Charlie GelbertQueen of ClubsN.Y. GiantsCardinals (1929-36)
(6)Shanty Hogan6 of ClubsN.Y. GiantsGiants (1928-32)
(7)Walter (Waite) Hoyt4 of ClubsYankeesYankees (1921-30)
(8)Roy Johnson7 of ClubsN.Y. GiantsDetroit (1929-32)
(9)Doug McWeeney (McWeeny)7 of SpadesN.Y. GiantsBrooklyn (1926-29)
(10)Babe Ruth5 of Diamonds-Yankees (1920-34)

*Note: Oddly, several of the above players (including Averill, Gelbert, Johnson and McWeeny) were erroneously listed with the N.Y. Giants although none of them ever played for the Giants.

Other (non-baseball) subjects in the set include:
# Subject Rank and Suit Note

(-)Nils Asther10 of ClubsActor
(-)Helen Hicks10 of ClubsActress
(-)Victor McLaglen6 of SpadesBoxer/Actor
(-)Jobyna Ralston? of DiamondsActress

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