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1925   W504   Universal Toy & Novelty
Player Checklist

Card # Player Position Birth

Brooklyn Dodgers
--Brooklyn Team Card
101Edward W. BrownOutfielder1891
102John H. DeBerryCatcher1892
103William L. DoakPitcher1891
104Wm. C. EhrhardtPitcher1898
105J. F. FournierInfielder1893
106T. H. GriffithOutfielder1889
107Burleigh A. GrimesPitcher1883
108C. P. HargreavesCatcher1900
109Andrew A. HighInfielder1897
110Andy H. JohnstonInfielder1889
111John MitchellInfielder1895
112"Tiny" OsbornePitcher1896
113Milton StockInfielder1893
114James W. TaylorCatcher1898
115"Dazzy" VancePitcher1893
116Zack D. WheatOutfielder1888

New York Yankees
--Yankees Team Card
117Bernard BengoughCatcher1899
118Joseph DuganInfielder1897
119Waite HoytPitcher1899
120Sam JonesPitcher1893
121Robert MeuselOutfileder1898
122Walter C. PippInfielder1893
123G. H. "Babe" RuthOutfielder1894
124Wal. H. SchangCatcher1890
125Robert J. ShawkeyPitcher1890
126Everett ScottInfielder1892
127Urban ShockerPitcher1892
128Aaron L. WardInfielder1897
129Lawton WittOutfielder1895
130Carl MaysPitcher1892
131Miller HugginsManager-
132Benj. PaschalOutfielder1896

New York Giants
--Giants Team Card
133Virgil BarnesPitcher1897
134John N. BentleyPitcher1895
135Frank FrischInfielder1898
136Harry GowdyCatcher1890
137Henry GrohInfielder1890
138Travis JacksonInfielder1903
139George KellyInfielder1895
140Emil MeuselOutfielder1893
141Hugh McQuillanPitcher1897
142Arthur NehfPitcher1892
143Wilfred D. RyanPitcher1898
144Frank SnyderCatcher1893
145Lewis R. WilsonOutfielder1900
146Ross YoungsOutfielder1897
147Hugh JenningsCoach-
148John J. McGrawManager-

Washington Senators
--Senators Team Card
149Joe JudgeInfielder1894
151R. PeckinpaughInfielder1891
152O. L. BluegeInfielder1900
153M. J. McNallyInfielder1893
154Sam RiceOutfielder1892
155Leon [Goose] GoslinOutfielder1901
156Harry LieboldOutfielder1892
158Harold RuelCatcher1896
159Wm. HargraveCatcher1898
160Walter JohnsonPitcher1887
161Fred MarberryPitcher1899
163Nick Altrock/Al Schacht   "Funy (sic) Coach Team"
164George MogridgePitcher1890

1) The team cards in the W504 set are unnumbered.

2) Note: The cards of the Senator's team and players are known but extremely rare. A Senators card for "Stanley Buck Harris, Manager, born 1896" has been reported but the card number is not visible. Any input on this subset from collectors would be much appreciated.

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