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Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1800s"N-Cards"n/a$0 GALLERY OF SETS
1887N2810$250 Allen & Ginter
1888N296$265 Allen & Ginter
1888N436$780 Allen & Ginter
1888N861$40 Perilous Occupations
1888N8850$50 Duke "Terrors"
1888N10425 (1)$150 Duke Comic Characters
1888N13525$155 Duke "Talk of the Diamond"
1888N13650$75 Duke "Terrors" (Lg)
1893N1424$3,000 Duke Cabinets (Honest Tob.)
1888N15423$195 Duke Pres. BB Club
1888N1628$540 Goodwin Champions
1889N1654$95 Goodwin Games & Sports
1886N16712$18,000 Old Judge
1886-90N172500+$155 Old Judge
1888-89N173400+$650 Old Judge Cabinets
1887-90N175~130$800 Gypsy Queen
1888N1844$440 W. S. Kimball Champions
1889N228-31$70 Kinney Bros. Novelties
1887N284143$175 Buchner Gold Coin
189?N28551 (1)$15 "Morning Glory Maidens"
1895N30048$375 Mayo's Cut Plug
1896N30128$30 Mayo's Die-cut Game Cards
1888N32140$1,750 Hess Calif. League (color)
1888N33346$750 Hess Newsboy League
1888N338-117$3,800 Hess Calif. League
1888N338-223$2,300 Hess Big League
1888N35210?$750 Consolidated Cigarette
1894N3609$220 "Base Ball Scenes"
1887N37013$5,000 Lone Jack St. Louis Browns
1888N40353$2,400 Yum Yum Tobacco
1889N52615$275 Number 7 (Diamond S) Cigar
189?N55710 (1)$75 "National Sports"
1895N56614$950 Newsboy Cabinets
1887N69062$2,500 Kalamazoo Bats
1887N690-134$1,900 Kalamazoo Bats Cabinets
1887N6936$2,800 Kalamazoo Bats Team
1880s-90s--var.$65 Baseball Cabinets
1865-97--20?$50 Leslie's Woodcuts
1859-90--40+$40 Harper's Woodcuts
1868-70--1$20,000 Peck & Snyder Trade Cards
1886--4$3,200 Lorillard Team Card
1886-87--3$4,500 Red Stocking Cigars
1886--19$2,000 Tomlinson Cabinets
1887--14$9,950 Four Base Hits
1887--18$220 Scrapps Die Cuts
1887-93--8$725 Baseball Currency
1888--2$16,000 Sporting Extra Cigarettes
1888--10$45 R & S Die Cuts
1890--35+$2,000 Police Gazette Cabinets
1893--16$8,500 Just So Tobacco
1894--14$5,000 Alpha Photo Engr.
19th Century Albums
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1800s"A-Cards"n/a$0 GALLERY OF SETS
1888A1614 leaves$1,550 A&G Album for N28 Set
1889A1714 leaves$1,000 A&G Album for N29 Set
1889A3316 leaves$750 "Terrors of America" Album
1889A3512 leaves$5,500 Goodwin "Round" Album
1888A3612 leaves$2,000 Goodwin Champs. Album
1887A4214 leaves$1,750 Kimble's Champs. Album

* Estimated Value is for card of common player; VG condition.

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