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Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1927?--35+ (1BB)$45 Merrymints
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1912-1952"V-Cards"n/a$0 GALLERY OF SETS
1912C4690$45 Imperial Tobacco
1927FC5921$300 Honey Boy Ice Cream
1922V61120$22 Neilson's Chocolate
1923V8950$70 William Paterson
1934V9458$30 O-Pee-Chee (Can. B'finger)
1922V100180$37 Willards Chocolates
1925V11730$75 Maple Crispette
1924V1223$125 Willard's Sports Champions
1937V30040$90 O-Pee-Chee
1939V35125$33 World Wide Gum
1933V35394$25 World Wide Gum
1934V35496$20 World Wide Gum
1936V355134$28 World Wide Gum
1950V36248$28 Big League Stars
1940sV4102$7 Cracker Jack Sports
1920--20$2,500 Peggy Popcorn
1924--14$55 Crescent Ice Cream
1925--18$275 Holland Creameries
1952--100$7 Parkhurst (Frostade)
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1909-1950"Cuba"n/a$0 GALLERY OF SETS
1909--36+$240 Cabanas
1910--50+$650 Punch
1916?N230-33$100 Susini
1923-24--60$160 Billiken/LaModa
1923-24--85$180 Tomas Gutierrez
1923-24--40$50 Nacionales
1924N258136$85 Diaz Cigarros
1924-25--44$55 Aguilitas (1924-25)
1926-27--37$45 Aguilitas (1926-27)
1927--2?$275 Chocolate "La Imperial"
1927-28--100$90 Mallorquina
1928--60?$45 Aguilitas (1928)
1930--90$25 Baguer Chocolate
1943--240$12 Ambrosia (Amateur)
1945-46--100$15 Caramelo Deportivo (Felices)
1946-47--185$15 Caramelo Deportivo (Felices)
1946-47--147$12 Propagandas Montiel
1948--10$135 Kellogg's Corn Flakes
1948-49--96$35 El Indio
1949--30+$125 Ansco Film
1949-50--109$20 Acebo
1949-50--70$18 Alerta Premiums
El Salvador
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1928--25?$25 Tabacalera la Morena
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1925--1$24 Turf Cigarettes
1928--4$25 Major Drapkin Cigarettes
1930--1$95 Imperial Tobacco Co.
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1935--2$125 Indiana Sport Avion
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1909-10--36$23 German BB Stamps
1923--13$20 Baseball Transfers
1932--1$475 Abdulla Cigarettes
1932--1$85 Bulgaria Sport-Photos
1932--2$75 Sanella Margarine
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1884-1955"Japan"n/a$0 GALLERY OF SETS
1950JBR244+$10 Black & White Type II
1954JBR857+$10 Black & White Type IV
1950-51JBR952+$10 Narrow B&W Bromides
1948JBR1062+$10 Maruhaku Small Sepia Photo
1949JBR1348$5 Yakyu Shonen SF Seals
1958JBR1420$5 Large Shigeo Nagashima
1948JBR2060$8 Yakyu Shonen
1948JBR2160$75 Large Tinted Mottied Bromide
1930JBR23a15+$100 Undogaho Mag. Lg. Bromides
1960JBR23b25$18 Toshiba Matsuda Lamp Co.
1933/34JBR2410$50 Yakyukai Mag. B&W Furoku
1951JBR2555+$10 Wide Marutoku B&W
1952JBR2628$10 Yamakatsu Bookmark Prem.
1952JBR2862$7 Yamakatsu B&W
1962JBR3086+$7 Marusan B&W Bromides
1951JBR3172$7 Yamakatsu B&W
1930JBR3242+$120 Marui Small Sepia Bromide
1934JBR3416$250 Maruzen Japan Tour
1951JBR3967+$5 Circle T
1947JBR3641+$5 Team Nickname in Parentheses
1951JBR4083+$5 B&W Large Black Text (2 lines)
1950JBR4165+$6 Yamakatsu B&W
1930JBR4712$6 Yakyu Graph Magazine
1934JBR4820$85 US All-Star Tour of Japan
1949JBR5120$8 Color Who Am I?
1959JBR6130+$12 Shukan Shonen Magazine
1948JCM176+$15 Action Baseball
1948JCM211 BB$7 Baseball Back
1949JCM416$30 All Japan/Seals Menko
1950JCM516$8 Kagome Flying Bat
1948JCM74 BB$12 Red Border Menko
1952JCM85 BB$6 Vertical Red Border
1957JCM932$3 Color Set
1964JCM1128$5 Marusan Simple Back
1959-61JCM12?$0 Marusan Menko
1959-61JCM13100+$5 Marusan Menko
1959-64JCM14100+$4 Marukami Bat on Right
1950JCM2153$3 Babe Ruth
1949JCM227BB$9 Animal Sheet Menko
1958JCM238$18 Playing Card Backs
1959JCM2420$10 Hoshi Gangu
1957-58JCM2685+$6 Maruya B&W Menko
1957JCM2769+$5 Borderless Grey Ink Backs
1958JCM2936$14 Cartoon Catcher Back
1958-60JCM30133+$18 Team Name Back
1958-59JCM3120$3 Color Cartoon Back
1959JCM3220$7 Scoreboard Back
1958-59JCM33100+$7 Yamakatsu Upper Left Glove
1961JCM3528$6 Doyusha Blue Cartoon
1958-59JCM38(see below)$5 Marusho Two Bat Back
1959JCM3962+$7 Marusho Bat on Right
1959JCM4046+$6 Maruta
1959JCM4138+$5 Pitcher Catcher
1958-59JCM42var.$5 Marusan Simple Back
1958JCM43100s$4 Marusan Simple Back
1947JCM448 (BB)$125 Ted Williams Back
1949JDM16$15 Diecut Menko
1949JDM28$20 Mask Diecut Menko
1949JDM33$60 Airplane Diecuts
1949JDM416$9 Kagome Diecut Menko
1948JDM58$15 Flower Edge Menko
1950JDM75$140 Partial Mask Diecuts
1948JDM816$10 Kagome Diecut Menko
1948JDM914+$10 Team Nickname at Top
1950JDM1010+$90 Kagome Airplane Diecut
1949JDM132$275 Shonen Mag. Giant Diecuts
1948JDM1412$10 Bat/Glove/Ball
1930JDM1616+$10 Big Six Univ, Small Diecuts
1948JDM1813+$8 Rear View Back
1950JDM228$110 1950 Mask Diecuts
1949JDM231$45 1950 Betto Mask Diecut
1950JDM2514+$12 Name in Glove
1948JDM261BB$30 Kagome Peanut Menko
1960JF8120$30 Jintan Gum
1960JF9120$30 Jintan Gum
1951-52JF1050+$30 Kobai Solid Color BG
1953JF114+$55 Kobai Seika Dark Left Border
1953JF1422+$35 Kobai Wide Diamond
1953JF1520+$35 Kobai Caramel Little Circle
1953JF16?$35 Kobai Caramel Big Circle
1953JF1712+$25 Kobai Caramel Solid Border
1953JF1827+$23 Kobai Caramel Red Corners
1958JF23120+$16 Fujiya Caramel
1958JF2416$35 Fujiya Caramel Prem.
1959JF2532+$25 Fujiya Color Prem.
1960JF26?$8 Maruto Gum
1960JF2818$18 LiLi Gum
1960JF3010+$40 Shin Kobai Caramel
1952-62JF31150+$25 Hinomaru Caramel
1959JF3218$28 Meiji Caramel
1960JF3360$50 Jack Confectionary Gum
1960JF3418$36 Seika Hero Gum
1960JF3518$30 Asayama Gum
1952JF3713+$50 Kobai Big Size Extra Prize
1952JF383+$40 Kawakami Caramel
1952JF4010+$40 Cisco Caramel Type I
1952JF45var.$40 Glico Caramel
1958JF463BB$40 Karuso Seika
1958JF485BB$50 Seiko Gum
1960JF5060?$45 Sanko Gum
1948/49JGA281$4 Yakyu Shonen Dice Game
1949JGA3128$7 Seals Game Set
1950/51JGA480$4 Color Game Set
1959JGA540$2 Doyusha Game Set
1949JGA727$6 Maruhyaku Yakyu E Awase
1949JGA872$4 Yakyu Timu Awase
1949JGA972$10 Color Set
1950JGA1072$10 Yakyu Timu Awase
1951JGA1148$7 Osato Gangu Game Set
1949JGA1648+$50 Kagome Color Card Game
1949JGA1772$8 Maru "H" All Japan
1949JGA1840$5 Yamakatsu Game Cards
1951JGA1932$5 Shonen Club Brown Tint
1961JGA2152$5 Shonen Mag. Playing Cards
1952JGA3848$35 Osato Gangu
195/57JGA13436$7 Yakyu Shonen Dice Game
1949JGA1448 BB52$2 Seals-Giants Playing Cards
1958JGA1778 BB$11 All Star Awase Trump
1949JK148$8 Dreaming of Baseball
1949JK246+?$8 Karuta Player & Reader
1949JK546$7 Tohoku Karuta Cards
1958JK945$5 Nagashima Karuta Set
1949JK1150$7 Kagome Karuta
1953JK1344$9 Baseball/Sumo Karuta
1956JK1445$6 Suzuki Photo Karuta
1949JK1747?$6 Marumon Karuta
1951/52JK1940$6 Omoshiro Book Mag.
1952/53JK2021 (BB)$6 Omoshiro Book Mag.
1953/54JK2122 (BB)$5 Omoshiro Book Mag.
1953JK2248$9 Middle School Friend Mag.
1954/55JK2344$7 Yakyu Shonen Exciting Game
1958JK2515 (BB)$12 Pink Border Karuta
1929--1$250 Shonen Club Postcard
1947-50JRM130+$15 Green/Red Background
1949JRM210$15 Round Menko Starburst
1949JRM410$40 Round Menko Playing Card
1949JRM622+$25 Flying Menko
1949JRM715+$20 Kagome Seals Visit
1948-49JRM810$4 Red-Green Stripes
1948JRM206$5 Mostly Red Background
1950JRM218$15 Diagonal Number Box
1947JRM2216$5 Red or Blue Borders
1948JRM2313$8 College/Pro Menko
1947JRM2424$5 Math Equation in Circle
1948JRM2512+$5 Blue Hand Sign
1948JRM266$3 Pinwheels
1949JRM2715+$7 Team Name Back
1949JRM286$20 Flame Menko
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1959--??$55 La Aficion
1964--207$5 Penafiel
South Africa
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1936--1$50 United Tobacco
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1920s--1$40 Amatller Choclates
1940--1$140 Editorial Bruguera "Sportsmen"
1949--3$30 Gallina Blanca
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1931N56150?$150 Diana Cigarrillos

* Estimated Value is for card of common player; VG condition.

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