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Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1912-38"R-Cards"n/a$0 GALLERY OF SETS
1934R721$60 Schutter ("I'm going to be...")
1929R942?$60 Babe Comes Home Movie
1933R30032$275 George C. Miller
1936R30154$150 Overland Candy Co.
1943/49R30224$14 M. P. & Co.
1939R30348$20 Goudey Premiums (3 sets)
1934R304~168$140 Al Demaree Die-cuts
1933R30560$50 Tatoo Orbit
1933R30630$175 Butter Cream
1933R308~60$50 Tatoo Orbit (2 subsets)
1933R309-14$150 Goudey Premiums
1935R309-215$65 Goudey Premiums
1934R31065$20 Butterfinger
1936R311var.$15 R311 Glossy & Leather Finish
1936R31250$20 R312 (Color Tint)
1936R313120$8 Nat. Chicle "Fine Pens"
1934R313A12$16 Gold Medal Foods
1936R314120$10 Goudey "Wide Pens"
1929-30R31546$16 R315
1929R316101$15 Kashin Publications
1933R31730$245 Uncle Jacks Candy
1934-36R318192$24 Batter Up
1933R319239$22 Goudey (1933)
1934R32096$18 Goudey (1934)
1935R32136$20 Goudey (4-in-1)
1936R32225$17 Goudey (1936)
1938R32348$40 Goudey "Heads-Up"
1941R32433$45 Goudey (1941)
1935R32524$10 Knot Hole League
1938R32613$20 Big League Movies
1934-36R327108$19 Diamond Stars
1933R32827$110 U. S. Caramel
1938R32995$55 Foto Fun (Clopay)
1941R33075$12 Double Play
1935R33250$40 Schutter-Johnson
1933R33324$85 DeLong
1939R334161$10 Play Ball
1940R335240$12 Play Ball
1941R33672$15 Play Ball
1933R33724$35 Eclipse Import
1933R3383$155 Goudey Sport Kings
1937R34213$30 Goudey Thum Movies
1936R34420$15 Maranville 'How To'
1948R34648$12 Blue Tint
1949R40198$20 Leaf Gum Co.
1948R406-148$8 Bowman '48
1949R406-2240$8 Bowman '49
1949R406-336$150 Bowman '49 PCL
1950R406-4252$8 Bowman '50
1951R406-5324$6 Bowman '51
1952R406-6252$7 Bowman '52
1953R406-7160$11 Bowman '53 Color
1953R406-864$16 Bowman '53 B&W
1954R406-9224$4 Bowman '54
1955R406-10320?$4 Bowman Color TV
1949R414-1?$75 Bazooka Mullin Cartoons
1951R414-211$125 Connie Mack's All-Star Team
1951R414-311$300 "Major League All-Stars"
1950R414-49$75 Topps Team Pictures
1951R414-5104$4 Red/Blue Backs
1952R414-6407$14 1952 Topps Regular Issue
1953R414-7274$9 1953 Topps Regular Issue
1954R414-8250$7 1954 Topps Regular Issue
1955R414-9210$5 1955 Topps Regular Issue
1956R414-11340$5 1956 Topps Regular Issue
1957R414-12407$4 1957 Topps Regular Issue
1958R414-13495$3 1958 Topps Regular Issue
1959R414-14572$2 1959 Topps Regular Issue
1959R414-1523$75 Bazooka "Blank Backs"
1959R418-180$4 Fleer Ted Williams
1960R418-280$4 Fleer Baseball Greats
1948R42128$15 Swell Babe Ruth Story
1950R423120$2 R423
1949R44716$35 Smack-A-Roo
1948R44820$12 Swell Sport Thrills
1952R714-161$75 Topps Look 'N See
1954R714-194$12 Topps Scoop
1956R714-2618$70 Topps Hocus-Focus
1955R714-2623$90 Topps Hocus-Focus
1948R714-2720$22 Topps Magic Photos
1932--3?$750 Whiz Bang Gum
1933--1$350 Briggs Co. Babe Ruth
1934--1$215 Batter-Up Beich Wrapper
1935-36--6$1,000 Batter Up "Photo Art" Prem.
1949--10$165 1949 Leaf Premiums
1956--16$50 Topps Big League Emblems
1958--16$50 Topps Big League Emblems

* Estimated Value is for card of common player; VG condition.

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