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Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1947H801-3a25$48 Smiths Oakland Oaks
1948H801-3b25$48 Smiths Oakland Oaks
1950H801-64$450 Mack Book Promo
1910H801-736+$180 Old Mill Cabinets
1917H801-8200$190 Boston Store
1916H801-9200$140 Globe Clothes
1870s-1900H80440+$24 BB ADVERT. TRADE CARDS
1886H8128$4,500 N. Y. BB Club (Welton Cigar)
1912-14H813var.$9,000 Boston Garter (3 sets)
1888H814?$8,000 Pres. BB Club--Large Cabinet
1911H99840$3,300 Western Playground
1920--1$1,800 Pathe Freres Phonograph Co.
1926--49$22 Spalding (Sports Co. of Am.)
1934--23$110 Tigers Team Set (Annis Furs)
1949--25$180 Jimmy Fund Braves Diecuts
S-Cards (Stamps/Silks)
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1910S21-S2225 (BB)$90 Murad "College Ser." Silks
1909/10S74var.$80 Silks (White & Colored)
1912S8125$1,200 Baseball Player Silks
1912S1102$2,000 "Silk" Pillow Top
1912--5?$400 Baseball Player Stamps
1914--18$110 Pritchard Stamps
1915--36$50 Postaco Stamps
1914--1$250 Youth's Companion Mag.
1927--10+$40 Rinkeydink Stamps
1934-50--50+$4 Postage Stamps
1939--25$16 Centennial Stamps
1944--30$10 New York Yankees Stamps
1949--200$6 Eureka Sportstamps
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1934-37U1 - U4var.$12 Diamond Matchbooks
1959U-unc20$30 1st Fed. Senators Matchbooks
1935UM72$400 Rice-Stix Shirts
1938--24$24 Signal Gasoline (Oaks)
1948UO1024$24 Signal Gasoline (Oaks)
1947UO1189$24 Signal Gasoline (5 PCL teams)
1949--9$110 Schumacher Service Station
Notebook Covers
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1910-30--n/a$0 GALLERY OF COVERS
1913--2+$2,200 Base Ball Series
1920s--11+$250 Base Ball Star
1907--1+$320 Base Ball Stars 1
1910-19--14+$360 Base Ball Stars 2
ca1920--5+$250 Base Ball Stars 3
ca1920--7+$200 Baseball Stars 1
1910-19--?$180 Baseball Stars 2
1911--1$650 Champions Notebook
1932--5+$160 Cubs Plus Notebooks
1920-21--4+$220 Favorites of the Diamond 1
1912--1+$250 Favorites of the Diamond 2
ca1925--1+$250 Green with Red Trim
1917--4+$250 Play Ball 1
1910?--6+$350 Play Ball 2 (Color)
1910--8$400 "Red Frameline"
1910--2$400 The Rivals
1910--5$500 Set of Five
1914--12$480 "Set of 12"
ca1924--8+$250 Stars of the Diamond 1
1911--4$250 Yellow Woodgrain Notebooks
Hobby Publications
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1968-83--178$6 The Trader Speaks
1973-74--20$8 Sports Scoop
1985-94--50$6 The Old Judge
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1914B1890$60 Blankets
1916BF297$120 Ferguson Bakery Pennants
1936-38BF3var.$60 Player/Team Pennants
1936-38BF426?$100 Player/Team Pennants
1950BF816$40 Am. Nut Team Pennants
1913BF-unc25+$900 Cravats Felt Pennants
1912L125$2,100 L1 Leathers
1911--50$1,700 Jones, Keyser & Arras Cabinets
1922-2010--85+$5,000 World Series Rings
1923--10$1,000 Lections
1925?--100+$680 Frederick Foto
1926--20$600 Kut Outs Die-Cuts
1930--1$90 Ray-O-Print Photos
1930--8$360 Rogers Peet
1939--17$300 Father & Son Shoes
1958-62--6$720 Eagle Hall of Fame
1947--1$610 NBC Radio Premium
1948--1$130 Thom McAn Shoes
1949--20$100 Sun Picture Camera
1950--10$40 All-Star BB "Pin-Ups"
1952--20$450 CNB Indians
1952--8$220 1952 Columbia Records
1962--8$145 1962 Columbia Records
1964--16$95 1964 Columbia Records

* Estimated Value is for card of common player; VG condition.

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