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Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1909-15"E1-Cards"n/a$0 GALLERY OF SETS
1909-11E90var.$200 American Caramel (3 sets)
1908-10E91var.$45 American Caramel (3 sets)
1909E9250$125 Nadja/Croft's/Dockman
1910E9330$175 Standard Caramel
1911E9430$250 George Close Candy
1909E9525$125 Philadelphia Caramel
1910E9630$250 Philadelphia Caramel
1909-10E9730$200 C. A. Briggs (2 subsets)
1910E9830$160 Anonymous "Set of 30"
1910E9930$375 Bishop & Co. PCL
1911E10030$500 Bishop & Co. PCL
1909E10150$55 Anonymous "Set of 50"
1909E10229$200 Anonymous "Set of 25"
1910E10330$270 Williams Caramel
1910E104var.$275 Nadja Caramels
1910E10550$330 Mello-Mint
1915E10648$175 American Caramel
1903-04E107147$1,350 Breisch-Williams
1909--4+?$600 Blue Caption Set
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1912-38"E2-Cards"n/a$0 GALLERY OF SETS
1922E120240$25 Am. Caramel--Series of 240
1921-22E121var.$30 Am. Car.--Series of 80/120
1922E12280$23 Am. Caramel--Series of 80
1923E123180$165 Curtis Ireland Candy
1910E12542$750 American Caramel Die Cuts
1927E12660$40 Am. Caramel--Series of 60
1917E135200$125 Collins-McCarthy
1912E13690$135 Home Run Kisses
1911-38E136/137var.$10 Zeenuts (25 sets)
1914/15E145var.$165 Cracker Jack (2 sets)
1927-28E21060$55 York Caramels (Type 1 & 2)
1921-23E220121$30 National Caramel
1910E2215$3,500 Bishop & Co, Team Cards
1910E22212$1,850 A.W.H. Caramels Va. Leag.
1888E22385+$2,800 G & B Chewing Gum
1914E22452 / 15$1,600 Texas Tommy (-1 & -2)
1921E25320$85 Oxford Confectionery
1909-13E254/270var.$27 Colgan's Chips (3 sets)
1910E27136$2,750 Darby Chocolates
1933E28552$25 Rittenhouse Candy
1910E28645$285 Ju Ju Drums
1912E30068$750 Plow's Candy
1910--28$125 Orange Borders
1910--24$425 All Star Base-Ball
1912--50$165 Baseball Bats
1911--20$1,450 Big Eater
1912--100?$325 J=K Candy
1921--6$195 Schapira Bros. Candy
1922--22$185 Schapira Big Show Candy
1928--6$250 George Ruth Candy
1928--73$180 Star Player Candy (1928)
1929--3?$5,500 Star Player Candy (1929)
1929--34$245 Leader Novelty Candy

* Estimated Value is for card of common player; VG condition.

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