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H804   Baseball Advertising Trade Cards
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On the "Baseball Advertising Trade Cards" main page, the eight trade card series as defined in the American Card Catalog are described and compared. Here, the discussion of trade cards extends to the multitude of additional sets and single cards known to relate to a baseball theme. Each is presented in a brief format geared for use in identifying the various sets.

The set numbering system used here builds on that of the American Card Catalog. The expanded numbering was first used by Frank Keetz.


Note: The H804 numbering system originated with the American Card Catalog, which identified eight basic sets (H804-1 through H804-8; the number H804-9 is reserved in the ACC for "Others"). When Frank Keetz expanded the H804 numbering system in his landmark Baseball Advertising Trade Cards, he omitted set number H804-9 in the sequence and picked up with set number H804-10.

H804-10 (Corner Clefs Series) $25
Eight cards; 2-3/4 x 4-3/16 inches

Set Gallery      

The "Corner Clefs Series" derives its name from the "clefs" drawn in both of the lower corners of the cards.

The eight white-bordered cards in the set have a greenish yellow coloring. All of the player figures printed on the cards are wearing striped socks. The card title is centered near the bottom of the card.

The eight cards, in alphabetical order of the titles, are:
  • A Fly.
  • A Heavy Hit.
  • A Short-Stop.
  • A Twister.
  • Hold Your Base!
  • Our Side has Won.
  • Score One.
  • The Umpire.

H804-11 (Circled Position Series) $40
Nine cards; 3-3/8 x 5-1/2 inches

Set Gallery      

This popular 19th Century trade card set printed by Cosack & Co. of Buffalo, NY had many advertisers. But the clothiers Marshall & Ball are the most prominent found today (as in the example at right). As a result, the set is often referred to by the Marshall & Ball name.

The series is complete at nine cards, each measuring about 3-3/8 by 5-1/2 inches. Curiously, the position of Batter is included in the set but that of Right Fielder is not.

The set is also known among collectors as the Circle Position Series, referring to the large and prominent background circle found on all cards. Titles for the different player positions pictured on each card are printed in small type below the player and about an inch from the bottom.

Printed in very small type in the bottom border of all cards is "Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1882 by Cosack & Co. in the office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington." All cards images are framed inside wide blue borders.

Among the many other known advertisers found on the cards are Sporting Goods retailers Peck & Snyder (New York City), Wright & Ditson (Boston) and Hindoo (5 cent Cigars).

The nine cards in this set include:

  • Pitcher
  • Catcher
  • 1st Baseman
  • 2nd Baseman
  • 3rd Baseman
  • Short Stop
  • Left Fielder
  • Centre Fielder
  • Batsman
  • Reference:
    1) "1882 H804-11 Circled Position Series Trade Cards," Old Cardboard eNewsletter, Issue #107 (March 2013), Item #2

    H804-12 (Young Boy Series) $15
    Four cards; 2-3/4 x 4-3/16 inches

    Set Gallery      

    Each of the four cards that make up this series feature drawings of a young player (thus the "Young Boy" title of the series).

    The drawings are printed in bright colors within a red frameline and white borders. The caption for each is found near the bottom of the image in red ink. Cards from a number of different advertisers are known for the set.

    Four baseball "positions" (pitcher, catcher, batter and base runner) are depicted on the four cards in this set.

    The four cards include:
  • A Hot Ball
  • Gimme a dew drop?
  • Making first base.
  • "This will be a twister" Look Out!

  • H804-13 (Old Style-New Style Series) $40
    Six cards; 3 x 4-1/2 inches

    Set Gallery      

    Each card in this six-card series shows two drawings that contrast various aspects of baseball for both the "old style" (circa 1870s) versus the "new style" (1880s) eras of the sport.

    As in the example at right, for example, the old style game was played without catcher's masks while the new style incorporated the mask as standard equipment. Similarly, changes in methods of batting, scoring, umpiring, pitching and fielding are illustrated in "before and after" views.

    Each multicolored card is titled at bottom center with a set identification number "C-929" printed in the lower left corner. A small open area at the top is reserved for printing the sponsor's logo or brief message. A number of different sponsors for the cards have been noted.

    The six cards in this set are:
  • The Batter
  • The Catcher
  • The Fielder
  • The Pitcher
  • The Scorer
  • The Umpire
  • A variation H804-13 set with the number "C-936" in the lower left has also been reported -- identical in all aspects except color and identifying number.

    1) "Set Profile: 1880s H804-13 Trade Card Set," Old Cardboard eNewsletter, Issue #127 (November 2014), Item #2

    H804-14 (Big White Shoes Series) $15
    Nine cards; 2-3/4 x 4-1/2 inches

    Set Gallery      

    Named appropriately for the "Big White Shoes" worn by the stick characters shown on the cards, this set contains nine cards.

    Each card is has a greenish-blue background with captions printed in block lettering. Extra space is reserved at the top of each card to facilitate printing of the sponsor's message.

    The nine cards in the set include:

    • A Double Play.
    • A Good "Pick-Up."
    • Right There, Every Time. (1st Base)
    • Score Another.
    • The Style Of Curve For This Season.
    • The Umpire.
    • Waiting For An Out-Curve
    • Well Caught.
    • Where Do You Want It?
    The cards are printed with a greenish background and white borders.

    H804-15 (Red Border Position Series) $25
    Ten cards; 3 x 4-1/2 inches

    Set Gallery      

    Named for the thin red frameline around the picture and inside a white border, this set contains ten multi-color cards. Each card features a characature of a baseball player in various actions.

    The cards are captioned followed by a baseball position in parentheses below the caption. All field positions are included except for that of First and Second Base. A Batsman, Champion Spurter and Umpire, however, are included.

    An identifying "9." is printed in the lower right corner of the image.

    The cards in this series include:
    • Where D'ya Want It? (Pitcher.)
    • A Wild Throw (Catcher.)
    • An Anxious Moment(Third Base.)
    • A Base Hit (Short Stop.)
    • A Fine Catch (Left Field.)
    • A Fine Catch (Centre Field.)
    • A Daisy Cutter (Right Field.)
    • Shoulder High (Batsman.)
    • A Home Run (Champion Spurter.)
    • Not Out (Umpire.)
    Note: In addition to this basic H804-15 series, two very rare subsets using the same player cartoons are known to exist. They are designated as Series H804-15B and H804-15C.

    The H804-15B subset is different than H804-15A in three distinct ways. First, the captions are printed in a different typestyle. Second, the images show spectators in the background rather than a distant line of trees found on the H804-15A cards. Third, the H804-15B cards lack the identifying "9." in the lower right corner. In addition, there are a few small differences in the player's hats or in the coloring of the player uniforms on some cards.

    Only four cards from this subset are known although more may exist. They are:
    • (Short Stop) A Base Hit!
    • (Centre Field.) Oh, What A Snap!
    • (Batsman) Shoulder High!
    • (Umpire) Not Out!

    The even more obscure H804-15C cards are printed as four-panel (single fold) scorecards (see example at right; select to enlarge).

    The color lithographed player cartoon is printed on the front (panel 1) with the scorecard printed inside the fold (panels 2 & 3). The back cover (panel 4) is reserved for sponsor advertising.

    When folded, the scorecards measure ????? x ????? inches. As seen in the images, the H804-15C cards have much wider borders those in the H804-15 and H804-15B series.

    The two known cards from this subset are:
    • (Short Stop) A Base Hit!
    • (Umpire) Not Out!

    H804-16 (Forbes "Injury" Series) $25
    Six cards; 3-1/16 x 4-15/16 inches

    Set Gallery      

    This is one of two sets produced by Forbes. The other, H804-6, is far more common.

    The set is referenced as the "Injury Series" because each of the six baseball-themed cards depicts a scene in which an injury has happened or is about to happen.

    The cards are colored in varying shades of brown, gray and white with an overall enhanced sepia appearance and white borders. The card title is centered across the top with the printer's credit line "Forbes Co., Bosten" located in the lower right border.

    • A Foul Bound.
    • A Fumble At 2nd.
    • Assisted To His Base.
    • Home Run.
    • Short Stop.
    • Victory.

    H804-17 (Blueish-Green Series) $15
    Nine cards; 3 x 5 inches

    Set Gallery      

    The baseball caricatures on the H804-17 "Blueish-Green Series" are characterized by enlarged heads and striped caps. The number "313" is found in the bottom right corner of all cards. The cards are all printed in the same blueish-green tint. The complete set list of nine cards in alphabetical order of the caption is shown below.
    • A curver.
    • A home run.
    • Foul and-out.
    • Get back!
    • Go!
    • Great Expectations.
    • Hold your base!
    • Send em in!
    • Victor and Vanquished.
    Typical of 19th-century trade cards, this series was distributed by a variety of businesses promoting products ranging from boy's and men's clothing to washing machines, wholesale groceries and pain relieving liniments. The card backs represented here also varied widely from blank backs to ad backs to baseball schedules and scorecards. The baseball schedules provide an ideal method for dating cards. Schedules on these cards for the Boston and both Philadelphia teams all match up with the 1887 season.

    1) Lyman Hardeman, "1887 H804-17 Trade Cards: Early Baseball Cartoon Ads" Old Cardboard Magazine, Issue #5 (Fall 2005), p. 36-37

    H804-18 (Red Socks Series) $40
    Four cards; 3 x 4-1/2 inches

    Set Gallery      

    This series of cards is named for the red socks and belt worn by the player in the foreground of each of the four cards in the set. Players of the opposing team are also pictured less prominantly (in the background) wearing blue socks.

    The attractive multi-colored cards are cut without borders.

    A card caption is printed about an inch up from the bottom. Other identifying marks include a letter "B" inside a small diamond followed by the number 935.

    The four cards in this set are:
    • A Close Shave.
    • Gobbling A Fly.
    • Out At First.
    • Striker Up.

    H804-19 (Horizontal Brownies Series) $25
    Six cards; 3 x 4-1/2 inches

    Set Gallery    

    This series of six multi-colored cards is very similar in content and design to those in the H804-2 "Vertical Brownies Series." The cards in both sets feature characatures of elves ("brownies") in a baseball action scene.

    The key differences, however, are that the H804-2 cards are printed in a vertical format while the H804-20 cards are horizontally oriented. The baseball scenes and captions are also different for each set.

    Each of the six cards in the set depict brownies at play in a stadium setting with oversized baseballs. Each card is marked with an "R" inside a small diamond followed by the number R851. Card titles include:

    • Foul Ball
    • Home Run
    • Safe Hit
    • The Brownies Baseball Grounds (sign)
    • The Umpire Catches It.
    • 2 Strikes

    H804-20 (Western and Southern Life Insurance) $15
    Two baseball cards; 3 x 4-1/2 inches

    Set Gallery      

    This set contains two cards related to baseball as part of a larger series of mostly non-baseball subjects. Each baseball-themed card shows two young players. One is a batter and catcher at home plate and the other is a baseman and base runner sliding into a base.

    The multi-color cards have no titles. However, the label "Compliments of The Western & Southern Life Insurance Co. Cincinnati, O." is printed at the top or bottom of the cards.

    Cards in this set include:

    • Boy in white uniform at bat; partly hidden catcher in gray uniform
    • "Western" slides into base as "Southern" catches high throw

    H804-21 (Major League Players Series)
    Ten cards; 3 x 4-1/2 inches

    Set Gallery    

    This series of 10 cards is considered by long-time collector Frank Keetz to be the "Cadillac" set of baseball trade cards. Although caricature images are presented on the fronts of the cards, the set is unique in that it names actual players of the period. The player's name is preceeded by a short phrase generally related to baseball or the player. In addition, the player's team affiliation is printed in ornate lettering in the upper left corner.

    The colorful lithographed set was produced by Tobin printers of New York. The white-bordered cards in the series are further identified by a small number "56" located in the lower left corner.

    The set is occasionally referenced as set H891, although the description in the ACC does not match with the cards in this set.

    The ten players represented in the set, along with the corresponding "baseball" phrase used on the card, are:

    Player Team Phrase On Card

    (1)Ed AndrewsPhiladelphia QuakersGo It Old Boy
    (2)Cap AnsonChicago White StockingsOh, Come Off!
    (3)Dan BrouthersDetroit WolverinesWatch Me Soak It
    (4)Charlie FergusonPhiladelphia QuakersNot Onto It
    (5)Pebbly Jack GlasscockIndianapolis HoosiersStruck by a Cyclone
    (6)Paul HinesWashington NationalsAn Anxious Moment
    (7)Tim KeefeNew York GiantsWhere'l You Have It?
    (8)Our Own KellyBosting BeaneatersThe Flower of the Flock
    (9)Jim McCormickPittsburg AlleghenysA Slide for Home
    (10)Smiling Mickey (Welch)New York GiantsAin't It a Daisy?

    1) Based on the player's team associations, the H804-21 cards were produced in 1887. While this was in the middle of the American Association's ten years as a major league, all player's in the set played on teams of the National League. The 1887 issue date is also confirmed by a small newspaper advertisement found in the May 29, 1887 issue of the Boston Globe (see image above).

    2) Bold Type indicates players now in the baseball Hall of Fame.

    1) Frank Keetz, "Baseball Advertising Trade Cards," Third Edition (2011), p. 50-52
    2) Old Cardboard Staff, "1887 H804-21 Tobin Lithographs: The 'Cadillac' of BB Trade Cards," Old Cardboard Magazine, Issue #19 (Spring 2009), p. 36-38
    3) "Ad Confirms Date of Popular Trade Card Set," Old Cardboard Magazine (Editor's Notebook), Issue #22 (Spring 2010, p.8)
    4) Frank Keetz, "The Stars Behind the 'Cadillac' Trade Card Set," Old Cardboard eMagazine, Issue #169, (March 2019), Item #3

    H804-22 (Major League Player Series)
    Ten cards; 3 x 4-1/2 inches

    Set Gallery    

    This series is a black and white version of set H804-21. It is also slightly smaller and the cards have an identifying number in the lower left corner of "147" instead of "56." Otherwise, the two sets are identical and conform to the same ten-card checklist.

    H804-23 (Tobin "149" Series) $60
    Nine cards; 2-1/8 x 4-1/8 inches

    Set Gallery    

    This is the third baseball-related trade card set produced by Tobin Lithographers of New York (see H804-21 and H04-22 above). Because of black and white (sepia) appearance and the "Tobin N.Y." label printed in the lower right corner, it is sometimes confused with the H804-22 set. However, the size, content, captions and overall style are considerably different.

    The two sets are also easily distinguished by the set "stock number" printed in the lower left. The H804-22 cards carry the number "147" while these H804-23 cards display the number "149."

    The nine known cards in the set are:

    • A Close Decision (Judgement)
    • A Regular Scorcher (OWI-TCH)
    • A Slide For Home (Go-It!)
    • A Sure "Pop" (Jaeger.)
    • How Will You Have It. (Huh?)
    • Laying For an "Uproar" (Come Off.)
    • See Me Swipe It. (Rats)
    • Watch Me Soak It. (Ahem!)
    • "$15,000 In His Inside Pocket. (The Only "Kel")

    H804-24 (Ball Series) $20
    Four cards; 3 x 4-1/2 inches

    Set Gallery      

    This set of four cards is named the "Ball Series" because a baseball is featured promanently in the image on each card.

    The color lithographed images are all framed inside a blue frameline with a white border.

    A brief (one or two word) caption in block lettering is found centered near the bottom of each card with the number "C-679" located in the lower right corner of the image.

    Unlike most other trade cards, a "Copyrighted 1887" date is printed in the bottom right of all cards in this set.

    The four known cards in the set are:
    • Foul
    • Home Run
    • Safe
    • Strike
    The cards in this set are very similar design and labeling with those in the H804-32 series. However, these H804-24 cards are about 1/8 inch longer in both directions.

    H804-25 (Hanging Sheet Series) $35
    Four cards; 3-5/8 x 5-7/8 inches

    Set Gallery      

    Cards in this set feature baseball-related images printed with a hanging sheet as the background. A card title or caption related to the image is also found on each card.

    Fortunately for collectors today, the printer and a copyright date "Compton Litho. Co., St. Louis; copyright 1885" is also printed on each card.

    • A Social Game
    • Base Ball On The Brain
    • Safe!
    • Watch De Curve

    H804-26 (Large Card Series) $50
    Four cards; 4-7/16 x 7 inches

    Set Gallery      

    The oversized format and bold lithographic colors of the cards in this series set them apart from all other baseball trade card issues. The attractive cards are captioned at the bottom center in a fancy typeface.

    The four known cards in the set are:

    • A Home Run.
    • A Regular Corker.
    • A Sure Thing.
    • Oh What A Snap!
    Each baseball-themed image is printed inside a thin frameline with fancy corners. A "201" label is also printed at the bottom left edge in the white border just below the frameline.

    H804-27 (Twelvetrees Series) $25
    Ten cards; 3-5/16 x 5-5/16 inches

    Set Gallery      

    This trade card set derived its hobby name from the designer of the set, Charles Twelvetrees.

    The ten known cards in the set are:

    1.   A Double Play
    2.   A Home Run
    3.   A Two Bagger
    4.   Choosin' Sides
    5.   His Inning
    6.   Squeeze Play
    7.   Stealing A Base
    8.   The Hope of His Team
    9.   The Mascot
    10.   Who Said "Out?"
    Note: Charles H. Twelvetrees was a well-known illustrator active in the early decades of the twentieth century. He is credited for the designs of many vintage postcards (mostly with non-sports themes). His many illustrations frequently featured chubby-cheeked children often with humorous captions and verse. Twelvetrees' work can also be found on magazine covers, in newspapers, on calendars, and as postcards (some using the same images as these trade cards) and valentine cards of that era.

    H804-28 (Large Head Series) $25
    Four cards; 2-7/8 x 4-1/4 inches

    Set Gallery      

    The players featured in this very rare set are shown with unusually large heads and baseball gear (bats and balls). The set is thus known as the "Large Head Series."

    The appealing cards are printed in somewhat muted colors with beige borderless backgrounds. They contain no titles or other labeling although some have been reported with advertising overprints. Card backs are blank.

    The four known cards in the set are:

    • Player ready to throw ball
    • Player with bat
    • Player catching (facing left)
    • Player catching (facing right)

    H804-29 (Sporting Life Series) $25
    Four cards; 3-1/8 x 5-7/8 inches

    Set Gallery  

    The cards in this series highlight the same "brownies" theme used in sets H804-2 and H804-19. However, the size and general appearance of these cards are noticeably different.

    While most trade card sets are lithographed in multiple bright colors, these are printed in much more subdued monochrome shades of violet.

    The elusive set of eight cards (four with baseball theme and four with cycling theme) was produced to promote Sporting Life magazine. Each card is captioned consistent with the image on the card. A title and "Read Sporting Life" can be found on all of the cards.

    Advertising for the Sporting Life is printed on all backs (see example above). Some cards are also found with overstamps on the fronts and/or backs highlighting a news dealer that distributed the cards and where the Sporting Life could be purchased.

    The four baseball-themed cards in the set are:

    • "A Foul Ball."
    • "Behind the Bat."
    • "Never Touched Me."
    • "Slide, Brownie, Slide."

    H804-30 (Planet Series) $25
    Four cards; 3 x 4-1/2 inches

    Set Gallery      

    This trade card set of four cards is designed following a "planet" and baseball theme. Interestingly, only four of the eight planets (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) is represented.

    The hobby designation for the "Planet Series" is H804-30. H804 is the category reserved for "baseball comics' advertising trade card sets as defined in the American Card Catalog. This designation was further expanded in Frank Keetz' book, Baseball Advertising Trade Cards, in which the H804-30 hobby number is assigned.

    Each of the cards is illustrated with an elf-like man over a background of stars and a quarter moon. Apparently to help illuminate the darkness of space, each man has a candle positioned on top of his head.

    The cards are colored with tints of blue, green and tan inside a narrow white border. A title on each card includes the name of a planet along with a phrase relataing to baseball.

    An "R" inside a triangle, followed by the number 809, is printed in the lower left corner of each card.

    The cards may also be printed with ads promoting cigars, shoes and other products, usually near the top of the card front. While many card backs are blank, ads have also been found printed on the reverse.

    The lithographer of the cards is not currently known. The set is considered complete at four cards.

    The four cards that make up this set are:

    • Jupiter "Taking a Fly."
    • Mars "Behind the Bat."
    • Mercury "Making a Home Run."
    • Saturn "Holding his Base."

    H804-31 (Small Card Series) $25
    Eight cards; 1-1/4 x 3-1/2 inches

    Set Gallery      

    This "Small Card Series" is named due to the somewhat smaller-than-average size (1-3/4 by 3-1/2 inchs) of the cards. The black and white non-baseball drawings are printed with baseball captions. They are found on a variety of card stock colors in shades of green, yellow, salmon, and sepia.

    The eight cards in the set are captioned as follows:

    • A Foul Ball.
    • A Home Run.
    • A Hot Liner.
    • A Passed Ball.
    • Caught At Home.
    • Double Play.
    • Out At First.
    • Out On A Fly.

    H804-32 ("9" No Period Series) $15
    Nine cards; 2-7/8 x 4-3/8 inches

    Set Gallery      

    The eight known cards in this series include:        
    • A Home Run. (not in Keetz reference)
    • A Roaring Hit.
    • Are Yez Onter Me Curves,?
    • Let'er Go Gallager.
    • Lo, The Poor Umpire.
    • Oh, He's All Right!
    • Oh, What A Pudding.
    • OW-I-TCH!
    • Watch Me "Swipe" It.
    Very similar design and labeling with cards in the H804-24 set. However, these H804-32 cards are about 1/8 inch shorter in both directions.

    H804-33 (Gold Medal Coffee Series) $25
    Nine known cards; 2-3/4 x 4-1/2 inches

    Set Gallery      

    The cards have no titles on front, but all have "Gold Medal Coffee" identification somewhere on front of the card. Backs also contain lengthy endorsement for the coffee brand. The nine known cards in the set are:

    • (1) Grandstand in rear; four players
    • (2) Grandstand in rear; six players
    • (3) First baseman about to tag a sliding runner
    • (4) Batter and catcher, bat and box on ground
    • (5) Two runners, two fielders, fence in rear
    • (6) Two of three players about to catch airborne ball
    • (7) Pitcher, batter, catcher, three bats on ground
    • (8) Batter, catcher, first baseman, wires in rear
    • (9) Sliding runner has left hand on 2nd base

    H804-34 (Pink and Blue Series) $15
    Four known cards; 3 x 4-1/4 inches

    Set Gallery      

    This series of four cards tells the story of a young boy holding a bat being abused by an 'old witch.' Ultimately, on the fourth card in the series, the boy triumps over the witch and takes her broom.

    There are no titles printed on the cards. They are described by Keetz as follows:
    • Boy, erect with bat, rolling up sleeves
    • Boy with bat, falling backward, broom hitting face
    • Boy with bat, leaning forward, hat falling off, broom from rear hits boy on head
    • Boy "turning the tables" and defeating attacker

    H804-35 (Little Rhody Cut Plug Series) $125
    Nine known cards; 2-1/8 x 3-3/4 inches

    See N360 Little Rhody

    Insert cards (Keetz removed from list in this list in the third and last edition of his book because it has been determined that the cards were distributed with various brands of the Venable Company's cut plug tobacco and therefore not considered Trade Cards.).

    H804-36 ("W. D.") $40
    Four cards; 2-3/4 x 5 inches

    Set Gallery      

    This series of four cards shows images of generic players in action poses. The very ornate design to the left and below the player image is different for each card in the series. Titles found on the four cards in the set are:
    • A High Fly
    • Low Ball
    • Put It Here
    • Two Our, Two Strikes & Three on Bases
    The W. & D. initials of the card's producers are printed in red in the lower right portion of the image. The same designs used on the cards were also used in a foldout scorecard distributed by the same company.

    George Wright and Henry A. Ditson, the producers of the H804-36 cards, formed the Wright & Ditson Company in 1871. For twenty years, until 1891 when they sold the business to Al Spalding, Wright & Ditson manufactured a broad line of sporting goods, including baseball bats and gloves, tennis rackets and balls, golf clubs and athletic apparel (the image at right shows a section of bat manufactured by Wright and Ditson under a "Lajoie" label). Spalding continued the sporting line under the W&D name until well into the twentieth century.

    Perhaps not coincidentally, George Wright and Al Spalding were teammates in 1877 on Boston's National League team.

    H804-37 (Roller Skating Series) $25
    Two cards; 2-5/8 x 4-3/8 inches

    Set Gallery    

    The six known cards in this series include:        
    • A Base Hit
    • A Header
    • A Mash
    • Got Em Foul
    • Oh Don't Let Me Fall
    • Short Stop
    Note: Frank Keetz pulled this set from his Third Edition of "Baseball Advertising Trade Cards" since, by his definition, "baseball captions alone are not sufficient for inclusion."

    H804-38 (An Accurate Barometer) $20
    Four cards (2 baseball); 2-3/4 x 4-3/8 inches

    Set Gallery      

    This set contains at least four multicolored cards, two of which are baseball-related. Captions on all cards begin with "An Accurate Barometer" followed by a phrase related to the image.

    The two known baseball-related cards include:        
    • An Accurate Barometer--No Baseball for a Week
    • An Accurate Barometer--Prospect of a Good Afternoon for Baseball
    The two non-baseball cards are:
    • An Accurate Barometer--Cold and Clear; No Let Up
    • An Accurate Barometer--Hot, with Prospect of Being Hotter
    All four cards from the set are displayed in the Gallery (see above link).

    H804-38B ("May Become/Wed President") $20
    Four cards (1 baseball) 2-3/4 x 4-3/8 inches

    Set Gallery      

    Note: Keetz' 3rd edition lists this "He May Yet Become President" card under the "Singles--Titles" section. Because three other non-sports cards are known to the series and due to the set's very similar design to set H804-38 above, it has been added here as Set H804-38B in the "More Trade Card Sets" section.

    The baseball-related card in this series is:
    • He May Yet Become President (Boy holding bat)
    The three non-baseball-related examples are:
    • He May Yet Become President (Hobo, back view)
    • She May Yet Wed A President (Girl in blue strip dress)
    • She May Yet Wed A President (Girl in white dress)
    All four cards are displayed in the Set Gallery above.

    H804-39 (Cameo Studies Series) $95
    Four cards; 2-15/16 x 3-15/16 inches

    Set Gallery      

    1.   Bat Rest
    2.   Centre Field
    3.   Dudeana Batter
    4.   Dudeana Pitcher
    5.   Fielder
    6.   Got Swift Ball
    7.   High Ball
    8.   Lost Ball
    9.   Oh, My
    10.   Strike
    Because it was distributed as an insert with Duke's Cameo cigarette brand, this now obscure set might better be classified as a 19th century tobacco insert card in Burdick's American Card Catalog numbering scheme. It appears, however, that the set was unknown to Burdick. As a result, it is included in Frank Keetz guide as a trade card set ("H804-39"), and that is how it is listed here.

    The cards measure just under 2 by 3 inches with an imitation woodgrain framed border. All cards are white-on-black line drawings of women in various fielding position. All are also titled "Cameo Studies" inside the border at the top along with a caption at the bottom related to the image on the card.

    H804-40 (C. C. Penfold's Comical Cards Series) $75
    Thirteen cards; 2-1/4 x 3-5/8 inches

    Set Gallery      

    The black and white cards in this very obscure set display a comical baseball scene across the top half of the card followed by a short caption. Most of the cards also identify the set with some variation of "C. C. Penfold's Comical Cards Series, Buffalo, N.Y." printed just below and to the right of the image.

    The bottom portion of the card is reserved for an advertiser's message. A variety of sponsors have been reported, including "Tauszky's American Compressed Yeast," "Cash Boot & Shoe House," "M. Clausius (medicines)," "Riegel & Von Frankenberg" and "Moissinac's Frence Bazaar." Like the printer, all sponsors were located in Buffalo.

    "C. C. Penfold" was Charles C. Penfold, a graphics artist and Buffalo jeweler who designed a wide variety of items ranging from baseball trade cards to badges for the Buffalo city police (see example at right; click to enlarge).

    The seventeen known cards in the series are.
    • "A Base In Time Saves Nine."
    • "A Foul Ball."
    • "A Grounder."
    • "A Home Run"
    • "A Hot Ball."
    • "A Lively Ball."
    • "A Sky Flyer."
    • "A Three Base Hit."
    • "Batting."
    • "Catch(H)er."
    • "First Base."
    • "Fly Catch."
    • "First Base."
    • "Over the Fence is Out."
    • "Pitcher."
    • "Short Stop"
    • "Strike One"

    H804-41 (Girl Series) $45
    Five cards; 2-1/4 x 3-3/8 inches

    Set Gallery      

    This "Girl Series" is a new addition to the Baseball Advertising Trade Card checklist, perhaps because at least some of the cards were known individually and not as part of a set. They are labeled near the bottom with either a baseball play or a position. More likely exist.

    The five known cards from this series are:
    • A Home Run
    • First Baseman
    • Left Fielder
    • Out on First (added by Pre-War Cards)
    • Out on the Fly

    H804-42 (Jacob Reed's Sons) $85
    Two cards; 3-5/8 x 6-1/8 inches

    Set Gallery      

    Another checklist addition of relatively obscure cards, these feature baseball scenes and are captioned at the bottom. Only two cards are currently known for the set but others likely exist.

    The set sponsor, Jacob Reed's Sons, was an upscale haberdasher established in 1824 in Philadelphia. They served Philadelphians for nearly 170 years before closing in 1983.

    The two known cards from this series are:
    • Gaining His Point
    • So Near and Yet So Far

    1888 St. Louis Baseball Currency (Front and Back)
    H804-43 (Baseball Currency) $600
    Eight cards; 3-3/8 x 7-3/4 inches

    Set Gallery      

    Highly sought by vintage baseball collectors today, this set of eight currency-like notes was distributed by numberous sponsors from 1887 through 1893.

    An example from this set was listed under the "Singles--Titled" section of the Third Edition of Keetz' book. It has been moved to this "More Trade Card Sets" section because a total of eight different cards have now been identified by collectors.

    Each of the eight notes feature on front a woodcut image at left of a franchise owner or manager. The reverse shows from ten to twelve players arranged in an oval pattern. Among the eight known cards, only three mid-west teams are represented (Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Browns) along with an all-star team produced in 1893.

    More detailed information about this set can be can be viewed on the Baseball Currency Profile page of the Old Cardboard website and in the references below:

    1) Jerry Spillman, "19th Century Baseball Currency: Early Stars Preserved in Woodcuts," Old Cardboard Magazine, Issue #1, p. 38-40
    2) "Baseball Currency Discovery Brings Set Count Total to Eight" Old Cardboard eNewsletter, Issue #36 (May 2007), Item #2

    H804-44 (No Title)
    Two cards; 2-3/4 x 4-1/4 inches

    Set Gallery      

    Virtually unknown to baseball trade card collectors, this set contains a total of some 20 or so cards of which only two are baseball related. The two baseball-related cards were previously listed separately as #229 and #333 in the Singles-Untitled section in the Third Edition of Keetz book.

    The non-baseball-related card from the set are generally non-sports cartoons similar in design to these and feature a wide range of diverse subjects.

    As seen in the example here, the card are printed in black and white with no titles, although variations with titles have been reported. There is ample space below the image for a sponsor to print or stamp a brief message.

    The two known baseball-related cards from this series are:
    • Thin Guy (Player Hit in Face with Ball)
    • Fat Guy (Angry Guy About to Pick up Ball)

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