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Hall of Fame Rookie Cards (thru 2020)

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(records 1 - 333 out of 333)   
Rookie Card

Hank Aaron 195419761982Player1952 Indianapolis Clowns P/C
Pete Alexander 191119301938Player1911 M101-2 Sporting News
Roberto Alomar 198820042011Player1987 Rock's Dugout Wichita Pilots
Walt Alston 193619361983Manager1952 Parkhurst
Sparky Anderson 195919592000Manager1959 Topps
Cap Anson 187118971939Player1887 N284 Buchner Gold Coin
Luis Aparicio 195619731984Player1953 Venezuelan League
Luke Appling 193019501964Player1931-32 W463-2 "4-on-1" Exhibits
Richie Ashburn 194819621995Player1948 Philadelphia Bulletin
Earl Averill 192919411975Player1926 E137 Zeenut PCL
Jeff Bagwell 199120052017Player1988 Ballpark Cape Cod League
Harold Baines 198020012019Player1978 TCMA Knoxville
Frank Baker 190819221955Player1908-09 Carl Horner Cabinets
Dave Bancroft 191519301971Player1912 E137 Zeenut PCL
Ernie Banks 195319711977Player1954 R414-8 Topps
Al Barlick n/an/a1989Umpire1955 Bowman
Ed Barrow n/an/a1953Pioneer/Exec.1950-56 W576 Callahan HOF
Jake Beckley 188819071971Player1888 N172 Old Judge
Cool Papa Bell n/an/a1974Negro Leag.1929-30 Cienfuegos Postcard
Johnny Bench 196719831989Player1967 Cincinnati Team Issue
Chief Bender 190319251953Player1903 W600 Sporting Life
Yogi Berra 194619651972Player1947 D323 Tip Top Bread
Craig Biggio 198820072015Player1988 Score Traded
Bert Blyleven 197019922011Player1970 Minnesota Twins Team Issue
Wade Boggs 198219992005Player1981 TCMA Pawtucket
Jim Bottomley 192219371974Player1923-24 W461 Exhibits
Lou Boudreau 193819521970Player1941 R330 Double Play
Roger Bresnahan 189719151945Player1903 W600 Sporting Life
George Brett 197319931999Player1974 Kansas City Team Issue
Lou Brock 196119791985Player1962 Topps
Dan Brouthers 187919041945Player1879-80 N.Y. Clipper Woodcuts
Mordecai Brown 190319161949Player1904 W600 Sporting Life
Raymond Brown n/an/a2006Negro Leag.1945-46 Caramelo Deportivo
Willard Brown 194719472006Negro Leag.1948-49 Toleteros
Morgan Bulkeley n/an/a1937Pioneer/Exec.1870's Mathew Brady Cabinet
Jim Bunning 195519711996Player1957 R414-12 Topps
Jesse Burkett 189019051946Player1893 Just So Tobacco
Roy Campanella 194819571969Player1949 R406-2 Bowman
Rod Carew 196719851991Player1967 Topps
Max Carey 191019291961Player1911 T332 Helmar Stamps
Steve Carlton 196519881994Player1965 Topps
Gary Carter 197419922003Player1975 Topps
Alexander Cartwright n/an/a1938Pioneer/Exec.1880's Taber Cabinet
Orlando Cepeda 195819741999Player1958 Topps
Henry Chadwick n/an/a1938Pioneer/Exec.1870's Frank Pearsall Cabinet
Frank Chance 189819141946Player1899-00 M101-1 Sporting News
Happy Chandler n/an/a1982Pioneer/Exec.1949 Eureka Sportstamps
Oscar Charleston n/an/a1976Negro Leag.1923-24 Tomas Gutierrez
Jack Chesbro 189919091946Player1897-99 Foster Studio Cabinet
Nestor Chylak n/an/a1999Umpire1955 Bowman
Fred Clarke 189419151945Player1899-00 M101-1 Sporting News
John Clarkson 188218941963Player1887-90 N172 Old Judge
Roberto Clemente 195519721973Player1955 R414-9 Topps
Ty Cobb 190519281936Player1907 W600 Sporting Life
Mickey Cochrane 192519371947Player1924 E137 Zeenut PCL
Eddie Collins 190619301939Player1907 W600 Sporting Life
Jimmy Collins 189519081945Player1898 Cameo Pepsin Gum Pins
Earle Combs 192419351970Player1926 W461 Exhibits
Charles Comiskey 188218941939Pioneer/Exec.1887-90 N172 Old Judge
Jocko Conlan 193419351974Umpire1931 La Presse
Tom Connolly n/an/a1953Umpire1950-56 W576 Callahan HOF
Roger Connor 188018971976Player1879-80 N.Y. Clipper Woodcuts
Andy Cooper n/an/a2006Negro Leag.1923-24 Tomas Gutierrez
Stan Coveleski 191219281969Player1915 E137 Zeenut PCL
Bobby Cox 197820102014Player1967 Venezuelan Topps
Sam Crawford 189919171957Player1902 W600 Sporting Life
Joe Cronin 192619451956Player1921-30 M.L. Die-Cuts
Candy Cummings 187218771939Pioneer/Exec.1939-43 HOF Sepia P/C
Kiki Cuyler 192119381968Player1924 M114 Baseball Magazine
Ray Dandridge n/an/a1987Negro Leag.1945 Mexican League
George Davis 189019091998Player1890-92 Ryder Studio Cabinets
Andre Dawson 197619962010Player1977 Topps
Leon Day n/an/a1995Negro Leag.1949-50 Toleteros
Dizzy Dean 193019471953Player1931 Metropolitan Studios
Ed Delahanty 188819031945Player1889 N172 Old Judge
Bill Dickey 192819461954Player1931 W502
Martin Dihigo n/an/a1977Negro Leag.1927-28 Mallorquina
Joe DiMaggio 193619511955Player1934 E137 Zeenut
Larry Doby 194719591998Player1947 Cleveland Team Issue
Bobby Doerr 193719511986Player1937 R314 Goudey Wide Pens
Barney Dreyfuss n/an/a2008Pioneer/Exec.1910 D322 Tip Top Bread
Don Drysdale 195619691984Player1956 Brooklyn Team Issue
Hugh Duffy 188819061945Player1888 N172 Old Judge
Leo Durocher 192519451994Manager1921-30 M.L. Die-Cuts
Dennis Eckersley 197519982004Player1975 SSPC
Billy Evans n/an/a1973Umpire1910 M101-2 Sporting News
Johnny Evers 190219291946Player1903 W600 Sporting Life
Buck Ewing 188018971939Player1886 N167 Old Judge
Red Faber 191419331964Player1916 M101-5/4 Sporting News
Bob Feller 193619561962Player1936 Boston American Sport Stamps
Rick Ferrell 192919471984Player1931-32 W463-2 "4-on-1" Exhibits
Rollie Fingers 196819851992Player1969 Topps
Carlton Fisk 196919932000Player1972 Topps
Elmer Flick 189819101963Player1898-99 National Copper Plate Co.
Whitey Ford 195019671974Player1951 Bowman
Rube Foster n/an/a1981Negro Leag.1974 Laughlin Old Time Black Stars
Willie Foster n/an/a19811996Negro Leag.1927-28 Mallorquina
Nellie Fox 194719651997Player1949 Philadelphia Team Issue
Jimmy Foxx 192519451951Player1925-31 Exhibits P/C Back
Ford Frick n/an/a1970Pioneer/Exec.1949 Eureka Sportstamps
Frank Frisch 191919371947Player1920 W519
Pud Galvin 187518921965Player1887-90 N172 Old Judge
Lou Gehrig 192319391939Player1925 W461 Exhibits
Charlie Gehringer 192419421949Player1926 W461 Exhibits
Bob Gibson 195919751981Player1958 Omaha Team Issue
Josh Gibson n/an/a1972Negro Leag.1931 Harrison Studio P/C
Warren Giles n/an/a1979Pioneer/Exec.1956 R414-11 Topps
Pat Gillick 197820082011Pioneer/Exec.1997 Canadian Hall of Fame
Tom Glavine 198720082014Player1986 Pro Cards Greenville Braves
Lefty Gomez 193019431972Player1929 E137 Zeenut PCL
Joe Gordon 193819502009Player1938 R301 Overland Candy
Goose Goslin 192119381968Player1922 E120 American Caramel
Rich Gossage 197219942008Player1972 Puerto Rican League
Frank Grant n/an/a2006Negro Leag.1974 Laughlin Old Time Black Stars
Hank Greenberg 193019471956Player1934 R320 Goudey
Ken Griffey, Jr. 198920102016Player1987 Bellingham Mariners
Clark Griffith 189119141946Pioneer/Exec.1889 N172 Old Judge
Burleigh Grimes 191619341964Player1920 M114 Baseball Magazine
Lefty Grove 192519411947Player1921 Tip Top Bread Orioles
Vladimir Guerrero 199620112018Player1995 Bowman
Tony Gwynn 198220012007Player1982 TCMA Hawaii
Chick Hafey 192419371971Player1927 Middy Bread Die-Cuts
Jesse Haines 191819371970Player1921 W461 Exhibits
Roy Halladay 199820132019Player1995 Signature Rookies
Billy Hamilton 188819011961Player1889 N172 Old Judge
Ned Hanlon 188018921996Manager1886 Tomlinson Studio Cabinet
William Harridge n/an/a1972Pioneer/Exec.1956 R414-11 Topps
Bucky Harris 191919311975Manager1921 W461 Exhibits
Gabby Hartnett 192219411955Player1922 W573
Doug Harvey n/an/a2010Umpire1984 SD Padres "Smokey The Bear"
Harry Heilmann 191419321952Player1913 E137 Zeenut PCL
Rickey Henderson 197920032009Player1977 Chong Modesto A's
Bill Herman 193119471975Player1932 Chicago Team Issue
Whitey Herzog 195619632010Manager1957 Topps
Pete Hill n/an/a2006Negro Leag.1909 Cabanas
Trevor Hoffman 199320102018Player1989 Pro Cards Billings
Harry Hooper 190919251971Player1909-11 E254 Colgan's Chips
Rogers Hornsby 191519371942Player1917 D350-2 Standard Biscuit
Waite Hoyt 191819381969Player1921-23 E220 National Caramel
Cal Hubbard n/an/a1976Umpire1933 Diamond Matchbook Covers
Carl Hubbell 192819431947Player1929-30 R315
Miller Huggins 190419161964Manager1906 W600 Sporting Life
William Hulbert n/an/a1995Pioneer/Exec.1994 American Archives
Catfish Hunter 196519791987Player1965 Topps
Monte Irvin 194919561973Negro Leag.1948-49 El Indio
Reggie Jackson 196719871993Player1969 Topps
Travis Jackson 192219361982Player1923 V89 William Paterson
Fergie Jenkins 196519831991Player1966 Topps
Hugh Jennings 189119181945Player1894 Alpha Photo Engraving
Derek Jeter 199520142020Player1992 Upper Deck Minors
Ban Johnson n/an/a1937Pioneer/Exec.1906 WG2 Fan Craze
Judy Johnson n/an/a1975Negro Leag.1974 Laughlin Old Time Black Stars
Randy Johnson 198820092015Player1986 Pro Cards West Palm Beach
Walter Johnson 190719271936Player1910 PC805 Novelty Cutlery Postcards
Chipper Jones 199320122018Player1990 Classic Draft Picks
Addie Joss 190219101978Player1903 W600 Sporting Life
Al Kaline 195319741980Player1954 R414-8 Topps
Tim Keefe 188018931964Player1879-80 N.Y. Clipper Woodcuts
Willie Keeler 189219101939Player1892-93 J.U. Stead Studio Cabinets
George Kell 194319571983Player1945 Philadelphia Team Issue
Joe Kelley 189119081971Player1894 Alpha Photo Engraving
George Kelly 191519321973Player1920 W520
King Kelly 187818931945Player1879-80 N.Y. Clipper Woodcuts
Harmon Killebrew 195419751984Player1955 R414-9 Topps
Ralph Kiner 194619551975Player1946-49 W603 Sports Exchange
Chuck Klein 192819441980Player1925-31 Exhibits P/C Back
Bill Klem n/an/a1953Umpire1910 M101-2 Sporting News
Sandy Koufax 195519661972Player1955 R414-9 Topps #123
Bowie Kuhn n/an/a2008Pioneer/Exec.1969 Topps Promo
Nap Lajoie 189619161937Player1899-00 M101-1 Sporting News
Kenesaw Landis n/an/a1944Pioneer/Exec.1929 Men of America
Barry Larkin 198620042012Player1986 Sportflics Rookies
Tony LaRussa 197920112014Manager1964 Topps
Tom LaSorda 195419561997Manager1950 Big League Stars
Tony Lazzeri 192619391991Player1922 E137 Zeenut PCL
Bob Lemon 194119581976Player1946-49 W603 Sports Exchange
Buck Leonard n/an/a1972Negro Leag.1974 Laughlin Old Time Black Stars
Fred Lindstrom 192419361976Player1925-31 W590
Pop Lloyd n/an/a1977Negro Leag.1910 Punch
Ernie Lombardi 193119471986Player1928 E137 Zeenut PCL
Al Lopez 192819471977Manager1930 Baguer Chocolates
Ted Lyons 192319461955Player1921-30 M.L. Die-Cuts
Connie Mack 188618961937Manager1887-90 N172 Old Judge
Biz Mackey n/an/a2006Negro Leag.1924-25 Aguilitas #871
Larry MacPhail n/an/a1978Pioneer/Exec.1973-80 TCMA ATG
Lee MacPhail n/an/a1998Pioneer/Exec.1980-01 Perez Steele HOF P/C
Greg Maddux 198620082014Player1986 Pro Cards Pittsfield
Effa Manley n/an/a2006Negro Leag.1996 Negro League Playing Cards
Mickey Mantle 195119681974Player1951 Bowman
Heinie Manush 192319391964Player1926 M101-7 Sporting News
Rabbit Maranville 191219351954Player1912 Boston Daily American P/C
Juan Marichal 196019751983Player1960 Tacoma Bank
Rube Marquard 190819251971Player1908 Indianapolis P/C
Pedro Martinez 199220092015Player1990 Sport Pro Great Falls
Edgar Martínez 198720042019Player1986 Pro Cards Chattanooga
Ed Mathews 195219681978Player1952 R414-6 Topps
Christy Mathewson 190019161936Player1901 Police Gazette Supplements
Willie Mays 195119731979Player1951 Bowman
Bill Mazeroski 195619722001Player1956 Pittsburgh Team Issue
Joe McCarthy n/an/a1957Manager1909-11 E254 Colgan's Chips
Tommy McCarthy 188418961946Player1887-90 N172 Old Judge
Willie McCovey 195919801986Player1960 Topps
Joe McGinnity 189919081946Player1899-00 M101-1 Sporting News
Bill McGowan n/an/a1992Umpire1949-50 Umpire School P/C
John McGraw 189119061937Manager1894 Alpha Photo Engraving
Bill McKechnie 190719201962Manager1911 T5 Pinkerton Cabinets
Bid McPhee 188218992000Player1888 N172 Old Judge
Joe Medwick 193219481968Player1933 Worch Cigar
Jose Mendez n/an/a2006Negro Leag.1910 Punch
Marvin Miller 196619822020Exec.1994 Upper Deck Ken Burns
Johnny Mize 193619531981Player1936 R312 Color Tint
Paul Molitor 197819982004Player1978 Topps
Joe Morgan 196319841990Player1965 Topps #16
Jack Morris 197719942018Player1977 TCMA Evansville
Eddie Murray 197719972003Player1977 Baltimore Team Issue
Stan Musial 194119631969Player1943 M114 Baseball Magazine
Mike Mussina 199120082019Player1990 Classic Draft Picks
Hal Newhouser 193919551992Player1939-46 W462 Salutation Exhibits
Kid Nichols 189019061949Player1889 N172 Old Judge
Phil Niekro 196419871997Player1964 Topps
Hank O'Day 189519272013Umpire1887 N172 Old Judge
Walter O'Malley n/an/a2008Pioneer/Exec.1966 Union 76 Oil Records
Jim O'Rourke 187219041945Player1879-80 NY Clipper Woodcuts
Mel Ott 192619471951Player1929-30 W463-1 "4-on-1" Exhibits
Satchell Paige 194819651971Negro Leag.1939-40 RPPC
Jim Palmer 196519841990Player1965 Baltimore Team Issue
Herb Pennock 191219341948Player1921-23 E220 National Caramel
Tony Perez 196419862000Player1963 San Diego Team Issue
Gaylord Perry 196219831991Player1961 Tacoma Bank
Mike Piazza 199220082016Player1989 Salem Dodgers
Eddie Plank 190119171946Player1902 W600 Sporting Life
Alex Pompez n/an/a2006Negro Leag.1922 New York Cubans RPPC
Cum Posey n/an/a2006Negro Leag.1988 Pittsburgh Pirates Negro Leagues
Kirby Puckett 188418952001Player1983 Larry Fritsch Visalia Oaks
Charles Radbourne 188018911939Player1886 Red Stocking Cigars
Tim Raines 197920022017Player1979 TCMA Memphis
Pee Wee Reese 194019581984Player1940 Brooklyn Team Issue
Jim Rice 197419892009Player1973 Venezuelan League
Sam Rice 191519341963Player1916-20 W-UNC Big Head Strip
Branch Rickey 190519141967Pioneer/Exec.1914 E145 Cracker Jack
Cal Ripken Jr 198120012007Player1980 Police Charlotte O's
Mariano Rivera 199520132019Player1990 Diamond Cards Tampa
Eppa Rixey 191219331963Player1915 PM1 Ornate-Frame Pins
Phil Rizzuto 194119561994Player1941 R330 Double Play
Robin Roberts 194819661976Player1948 Philadelphia Bulletin
Brooks Robinson 195519771983Player1957 R414-12 Topps
Frank Robinson 195619761982Player1956 Kahn's Weiners
Jackie Robinson 194719561962Player1946 Parade Sportive
Wilbert Robinson 188619021945Manager1887 N690 Kalamazoo Bats
Ivan Rodriguez 199120112017Player1989 Pro Cards Gastonia
Bullet Rogan n/an/a1998Negro Leag.1974 Laughlin Old Time Black Stars
Edd Roush 191319311962Player1915 E145 Cracker Jack #161
Red Ruffing 192419471967Player1924 N258 Diaz Cigarettes
Jacob Ruppert 191519382013Exec.1962 Topps
Amos Rusie 188919011977Player1889 N172 Old Judge
Babe Ruth 191419351936Player1914 Baltimore News
Nolan Ryan 196619931999Player1968 Topps
Ryne Sandberg 198119972005Player1980 TCMA Reading
Ron Santo 196019742012Player1961 Topps
Louis Santop n/an/a2006Negro Leag.1974 Laughlin Old Time Black Stars #16
Ray Schalk 191219291955Player1909-13 M101-2 Sporting News
Mike Schmidt 197219891995Player1972 Puerto Rican League #64
Red Schoendienst 194519631989Player1945 M114 Baseball Magazine
John Schuerholz 1966--2017Exec.1982 KC Royals Team Issue
Tom Seaver 196719861992Player1967 Topps #581
Frank Selee n/an/a1999Manager1904 Allegheny Card Co.
Bud Selig 199220152017Exec.1994 N.C.C. Top 4 Stories
Joe Sewell 192019331977Player1921-23 E220 National Caramel
Al Simmons 192419441953Player1923-24 W461 Exhibits
Ted Simmons 196819882020Player1970 St. Louis Team Issue
George Sisler 191519301939Player1916 M101-5/4 Sporting News
Enos Slaughter 193819591985Player1941 R330 Double Play
Hilton Smith n/an/a2001Negro Leag.1948-49 Toleteros
Lee Smith 198019972019Player1980 TCMA Wichita
Ozzie Smith 197819962002Player1978 Family Fun Center
John Smoltz 198820092015Player1986 Pro Cards Lakeland
Duke Snider 194719641980Player1947 Brooklyn Team Issue
Billy Southworth 191319292008Manager1916 E137 Zeenut PCL
Warren Spahn 194219651973Player1946-49 W603 Sports Exchange
Albert Spalding 187118781939Pioneer/Exec.1872 Warren Studio Boston CDV
Tris Speaker 190719281937Player1910 PC805 Novelty Cutlery Postcards
Willie Stargell 196219821988Player1963 Topps #553
Turkey Stearnes n/an/a2000Negro Leag.1978 Laughlin Long Ago Black Stars
Casey Stengel 191219251966Manager1910 T210 Old Mill
Bruce Sutter 197619882006Player1976 Chicago Tribune
Mule Suttles n/an/a2006Negro Leag.1974 Laughlin Old Time Black Stars
Don Sutton 196619881998Player1966 Topps #288
Ben Taylor n/an/a2006Negro Leag.1978 Laughlin Long Ago Black Stars
Bill Terry 192319361954Player1925 W461 Exhibits
Frank Thomas 199020082014Player1987 BDK Team USA
Jim Thome 199120122018Player1990 Pro Cards Burlington
Sam Thompson 188519061974Player1886 Tomlinson Studio Cabinet
Joe Tinker 190219161946Player1903 W600 Sporting Life
Joe Torre 197720102014Manager1962 Topps
Cristobal Torriente n/an/a2006Negro Leag.1923-24 Nacionales
Alan Trammell 197719962018Player1978 Topps
Pie Traynor 192019371948Player1922 E120 American Caramel
Dazzy Vance 191519351955Player1919 E137 Zeenut PCL
Arky Vaughan 193219481985Player1933 R319 Goudey
Bill Veeck n/an/a1991Pioneer/Exec.1948 Cleveland Team Issue
Rube Waddell 189719101946Player1899-00 M101-1 Sporting News
Honus Wagner 189719171936Player1898-99 National Copper Plate Co.
Larry Walker 198920052020Player1987 Pro Cards Jacksonville
Bobby Wallace 189419181953Player1898 Cameo Pepsin Gum Pins
Ed Walsh 190419171946Player1904 W600 Sporting Life
Lloyd Waner 192719451967Player1925 E137 Zeenut PCL
Paul Waner 192619451952Player1923 E137 Zeenut PCL
John Ward 187818941964Player1879-80 N.Y. Clipper Woodcuts
Earl Weaver n/an/a1996Manager1967-69 Baltimore Team Issue
George Weiss n/an/a1971Pioneer/Exec.1973-80 TCMA ATG
Mickey Welch 188018921973Player1879-80 N.Y. Clipper Woodcuts
Willie Wells n/an/a1997Negro Leag.1974 Laughlin Old Time Black Stars
Zach Wheat 190919271959Player1909-11 T206 White Borders
Deacon White 187118902013Player1887 N172 Old Judge
Sol White n/an/a2006Negro Leag.1978 Laughlin Long Ago Black Stars
Hoyt Wilhelm 195219721985Player1950-51 Fosforos La Aurora
J. L. Wilkinson n/an/a2006Negro Leag.1910 Hopkins Brothers PC
Billy Williams 195919761987Player1961 Topps #141
Dick Williams 195119642008Manager1950-51 Mejoral
Joe Williams n/an/a1999Negro Leag.1974 Laughlin Old Time Black Stars
Ted Williams 193919601966Player1939 R334 Play Ball #92
Vic Willis 189819101995Player1898-99 National Copper Plate Co.
Hack Wilson 192319341979Player1925 W504 Universal Toy
Jud Wilson n/an/a2006Negro Leag.1931 RPPC
Dave Winfield 197319952001Player1973 Dean's Photo Service
George Wright 187118821937Pioneer/Exec.1863 Jordan & Co.
Harry Wright 187118771953Pioneer/Exec.1863 Grand Match at Hoboken
Early Wynn 193919631972Player1943 M114 Baseball Magazine
Carl Yastrzemski 196119831989Player1960 Topps
Tom Yawkey n/an/a1980Pioneer/Exec.1959 Fleer Ted Williams
Cy Young 189019111937Player1890-92 Ryder Studio Cabinets
Ross Youngs 191719261972Player1921-23 E220 National Caramel
Robin Yount 197419931999Player1975 Topps

Rookie Card
(records 1 - 333 out of 333)   

Note: A special "thank you" to Phil Garry for his extensive input in developing this section.

Phil Garry, "Collecting Hall of Fame Rookie Cards," Old Cardboard Magazine, Issue #21 (Fall 2009, p. 29-34)

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